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DIRECTV Launches 8 more markets June 17, 2004

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by brykc14, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. brykc14

    brykc14 Legend

    Jun 14, 2004
    Just got this email about the new launch tomorrow...


    Chico-Redding, Calif.
    Duluth, Minn., and Superior, Wis.
    Fargo-Valley City, N.D.
    Paducah Ky.-Cape Girardeau, Mo., and Harrisburg-Mt. Vernon, Ill.
    Savannah, Ga.
    Tallahassee, Fla.-Thomasville, Ga.
    Tyler-Longview (Lfkn&Ncgd), Texas
    Wilmington, N.C.
  2. TonyM

    TonyM Banned User

    Aug 14, 2003
    I never thought I'd see Duluth on DirectTv. Since most of the DMA was Pegasuck :)
  3. gbranch

    gbranch Legend

    Mar 7, 2003
    7 - ABC
    12 - CBS
    48 - UPN
    51 - FOX
    56 - NBC

    Channel 12 is KSLA from Shreveport, which is an adjacent DMA. The market previously did not have it's own CBS, but KYTX CBS-19 Nacogdoches just went live from their new 1600' tower last week, so I suspect Direct will have to carry 19 instead of 12. Dish is scheduled to turn on CBS-19 July 1.

    Channel 48 (KTPN-LP) is actually a translator for KCEB-54 Longview.

    PBS? The market has no PBS, but Dish provides KERA-13 from Dallas.

    A few other stations that won't be carried:

    KTRE 9 Lufkin ABC - Essentially a satellite for KLTV-7 Tyler. Some local content, such as news and commercials.

    KLSB-LP 53 Lufkin NBC-53 - Satellite for KETK-56. May insert some local commercials. Just went on the air replacing KLSB-19, NBC-19, which has just become new CBS affiliate, KYTX CBS-19, for the DMA.

    KLPN-LP 58 Longview UPN - Translator for KCEB-54. Same as KTPN-LP 48. UPN, with it's ultra-high quality programming, is simulcast on three stations in the market, 54-58-48.

    KFXL-LP 30 Lufkin Fox - Translator for KFXK-51 Longview.

    Plus a plethora of low power religous channels.
  4. Richard

    Richard Legend

    Apr 23, 2002
    South Texas
    Paducah, KY-Cape Girardeau, MO-Harrisburg-Mt Vernon, IL (DMA #76):
    ABC WSIL 3
    NBC WPSD 6
    UPN WQWQ 9
    CBS KFVS 12
    FOX KBSI 23
    IND WTCT 27
    PBS WKPD 29
    WB  WDKA 49
    Savannah, GA (DMA #98):
    NBC WSAV 3
    PBS WVAN 9
    CBS WTOC 11
    ABC WJCL 22
    FOX WTGS 28
    Tyler-Longview(Lfkn&Ncgd), TX (DMA #107):
    ABC KLTV 7
    CBS KSLA 12
    UPN KTPN 48
    FOX KFXK 51
    NBC KETK 56
    Tallahassee, FL / Thomasville, GA (DMA #111):
    CBS WCTV 6
    PBS WFSU 11
    ABC WTXL 27
    NBC WTWC 40
    FOX WTLH 49
    UPN WFXU 57
    Fargo-Valley City, ND (DMA #118):
    CBS KXJB 4
    ABC WDAY 6
    ABC WDAZ 8
    NBC KVLY 11
    PBS KFME 13
    FOX KVRR 15
    UPN KCPM 27
    Chico-Redding, CA (DMA #132):
    PBS KIXE 9
    WB  WB   10
    CBS KHSL 12
    UPN KRVU 21
    NBC KNVN 24
    FOX KCVU 30
    Duluth, MN-Superior, WI (DMA #136):
    CBS KDLH 3
    NBC KBJR 6
    PBS WDSE 8
    ABC WDIO 10
    NBC KRII 11
    FOX KQDS 21
    Wilmington, NC (DMA #142):
    ABC WWAY 3
    NBC WECT 6
    CBS WILM 10
    FOX WSFX 26
    PBS UNC  39
  5. JerryR

    JerryR Legend/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 17, 2004
    Toledo, Ohio local channels via satellite: DISH began offering them today. DirecTV claims they still have no plans to offer them in Toledo (spoke to them this again morning) BUT, according to two of our local affiliates WTVG and WNWO, the DirecTV equipment is not only in place but DirecTV is actually receiving all Toledo local channels. They are just not yet downlinking them. WTVG's GM told me that he spoke with DirecTV just this past Monday to find out when they would begin offering Toledo locals. No one at DirecTV could tell him - other than they plan to offer them by September 1st of this year. Let's hope that happens. I've waited far too long for local channels here and listened to way too many excuses from DirecTV as to why they didn't offer them. If DirecTV doesn't come through by the fall, it's goodbye DirecTV, hello DISH. I'm not waiting any longer!
  6. TonyM

    TonyM Banned User

    Aug 14, 2003
    There is one other station in the market (WIRT 13 ABC), but since that is a true satellite station of WDIO (10), it won't be carried. hell, they ID everything as "10/13".
    What's interesting is KRII is a satellite station of KBJR. The only thing thats different is part of the newscast and some commericals (most commercials cover the whole DMA). So its amazing that Direct will carry it but Dish won't. Both stations technically qualify for must-carry. KRII is licensed to Chisholm, MN, whereas KBJR is licensed to Superior, WI (even though their studio & transmitter are in Duluth) :)
  7. Ray Jacobs

    Ray Jacobs Guest

    Reno locals came up on the satellite last Thursday.

    Ray Jacobs

  8. JerryR

    JerryR Legend/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 17, 2004
    Good news fellow Toledoans! Check out the DirecTV website - punch in your Toledo area zip code in the local channels search area. Whaddaya know??!! Nothing like some good old free market competition to spark someone into action.
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