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    May 29, 2004
    I had the DirecTV player working nicely on both a Win 8.1 Ultrabook and a Desktop (Win 7) computer,
    About 2 weeks ago all hell broke loose - and it stopped working.

    Part of the issue could be with multiple new versions of Adobe Flash that were released - since the player is dependent on Flash (that's a separate rant - they really need to move away from this sooner rather than later.)

    I've uninstalled Flash and the Player "app" on both computers.
    Cleared cookies and cache on every browser,
    Reinstalled cleanly.

    In the best case - the player starts - finishes it's circular dance (optimizing, etc)
    When that's done the window that should be showing video just sits there.
    Sometimes it will crash before finishing its prep work... (.....restart the player.... message).

    The funny thing is that the App for iPad works just fine. For both in-home and out of home type programs.

    And the GenieGo app works perfectly on both PCs.


    Any thoughts are welcome......

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