DirecTV Subs, Will You Stay With Dish TV???

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    What is DishTV?

    Will I stay with DirecTV? Yes, but only if I get the same quality of receivers/programming that I receive now with DirecTV. I will not accept any of DISH Network's receivers, or their inferior signal. The Picture Quality and the signal reliability will have to be the same or better than it is now. DISH Network's current Picture Quality/reliability is not acceptable.
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    This thread was added before it was learned that DirecTV would be the consumer name.
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    Richard, if you heard what Charlie said in the presentation he gave prepared to get a Echostar receiver in your future. You'll have to swap all your receivers for Echostar receivers. The good news is that this wont happen till 2-3 years from now. The bad news is that the infotainment channel added to DirecTV today could be a bad omen of things to come (more shopping channels and infotainment, anyone :( )
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    I've heard everything that Charlie Ergen has said, and there is no way that Echostar Receivers will be the agreed upon platform. Charlie Ergen may be CEO of this new company, but he is not completely in control. He only owns 18% of the combined company and can be replaced very quickly.

    I guarantee that the current 10 million plus DirecTV customers will never settle for Echostar's current receivers. I know I never will.

    Charlie Ergen is basically taking over Hughes/DirecTV and then mergeing Echostar/DISH Network into Hughes/DirecTV. Hughes/DirecTV is still the technological leader here, converting DirecTV customers to the DISH Network platform would be a technological step backwards, not forward. Do you think that Eddy Hartenstein or Jack Shaw would ever let DirecTV receivers be replaced by DISH Network receivers? Not in a million years. And if they do, you can bet that those 10 million subscribers will not be renewing their subscriptions.
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    the channel additions have nothing at all to do with this Echostar Deal. DirecTV is continuing to function as a separate competing company. We used to have a channel that was informercials all the time, but it was dropped (not sure exactly what happened). But it was bound to be replaced. I could care less if shopping channels are added, just don't tune to them if you don't want to.
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    I for one will be HAPPY to get my RCA recievers replaced with EchoStar recivers..........
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    You've never used an Echostar receiver then.
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    "You've never used an Echostar receiver then."

    Actually I am using eleven E* recievers.... so you CAN'T say that I have never used one.

    Let's not start a flame war...

    It is just MY opinion that I like them better than my RCA recivers.
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    Brian Rector wrote...

    Brian, why are you trying to alarm forum visitors?????
    You posted this same type of info over at DBSForums. It looks like you are just hyping your preference.

    I watched the presentation "3" times. Charlie never even hinted to what you posted.

    -Charlie said a transition team would make those decisions, a team which includes Hughes folks with the likes of DirecTV president Eddie Hartenstein.

    -Charlie said they'd use the best of the best.

    Keep in mind, Echostar has 6 million subscibers, DirecTV has 10 millions. In a blind study who would an intellegent and level headed thinker convert?

    There is talk about everybody being converted with receivers that handle both standards. But in terms of strategy it looks easier to eliminate the 6 millions subs quicker to start combining spectrum. But no matter which way it goes, there's a lot of dish re-pointing to take care of too.

    From a marketing point of view, many must concede that based upon the present selections of equipment, a switch from E* to D* would be more palitable than a switch from D* to E*. The Hughes, Phillips, Sony's, RCA's are plainly nicer in a touchy/feely kind of way. Plus to succeed in the fastest possible conversion strategy various manufacturers will absolutley be needed.

    On a personal note, I can probably give up my DirecTIVO's if I absolutley had to. But right now I see nothing in Echostar's already planned arsenal to match it and satisfy me. Surely exisiting Echostar subs will concede that Echostar fell flat on it's face in the PVR department. It's NOT as Charlie would say, "the best of the best". The PVR-501 is very rudimentary, and still has too many bugs.

    Look at DirecTV's HDTV receivers too. They're extremely nice and well conceived when compared to E*'s 6000.

    This process will not be simple. But it's safe to say that the most marketable path with the least mileage will be choosen.
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    Harry, I have learned one thing in life as a former Echostar sub: dont take everything Charlie says seriously. I do recall someone posting Charlie saying in a Charlie Chat that "Echostar is the leader in PVR". Sorry...but in hearing him lie and lie again and can I even believe him now at his word???

    He may state something now, but whats to prevent him to suddenly change his mind later on??
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    Brian wrote...

    ...the transition team which includes Hughes guys...including Eddie Harenstein.

    BTW: Charlie will be CEO and Hughes will retain 53% of voting power based upon shares. This is the initial arrangement, but of course it is subject to change.

    I can only pray that a single entity DBS provider will provide better equipment that E* does right now.

    Besides that, do you think that this new corporation will discard RCA, Sony, and Hughes Electronics??? Charlie doesn't have to "do it himself" anymore. Discontinuing contracts with these manufacturers can only help cable.

    From Mark: Editied to fix quote - Harry, make sure you check the box labled EzCodes to make the quoting work correctly.
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