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DIRECTV to Introduce Additional TiVo Features

Discussion in 'DIRECTV SD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Earl Bonovich, Jul 31, 2007.

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    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    I like the HR20 Better.

    The only thing Tivo does for me that the HR20 doesn't is whislist. Other than that my HR20's are far better in speed and are being launched with more new abilites all the time (than Tivo has), and from what I'm seeing, will always have more features too. The fact that Tivo has finally decided after 5 years to role out a software update that has been on stand alone units for years is, in my opinion, a sign of panic on there part of loosing all their customers to HR20's in short order, because when VOD and MPEG4 HD comes out, they aren't going to be able to access it. They will be hurting on the SD and the HD units real fast, as people start swaping them for more featured packed units.

    And IMHO the only way I see tivo coming out with a new Directv box is if they charge an additional fee for its usage over Directv's, and it would have to have at least 3 major advantages, or people wouldn't go for it.

    I just wish ReplayTV would partner with directv. Now that would be the box to have. Far superior to anything else out there today. They've pioneered all the best features and have the easiest GUI. If only years ago they had someone in charge of marketing and sales that new how to take over the market.
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    mnbulldog Legend

    Aug 25, 2006
    Definitely not a fact. I have two DTivos in my house and one HR20 and prefer the HR20 in every aspect except DLB. Of course, I preferred UTV over Tivo. I don't get the love of Tivo compared to other boxes that have so many more features.

    I don't think this shows anything about their own boxes but rather a need for Tivo to stay alive.
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    Chuck584 AllStar

    Apr 17, 2007

    I tried a Panasonic Showstopper way back when. :)

    Replay had a terrific product and would have given TiVo a real run for their money.

    At my age, I should know better than to make sweeping generalizations. I knew there would be people who prefer the HR20, I just haven't met any personally.

    My HR20 just annoyed me again. I had it set to record ABC's show Just for Laughs last night. Two episodes back to back beginning at 8.

    It didn't record the 8PM show but it did record the 8:30 PM show. It cancelled the 8PM show with (13) in parenthesis.

    I looked here for similar problems. Found a thread, then checked further in the History to find more shows not recorded.

    No big deal, they're all on my DSR704.
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    dthreet AllStar

    Jun 5, 2006
    I am drunk or dreaming? I would have bet money that this would never happen. All i can say is wow... Samsung Tivos on sale at Circuit City and Directv updating the usb's on the directv tivo's.
  5. Aug 1, 2007 #45 of 275

    Chuck584 AllStar

    Apr 17, 2007

    TiVos do what I ask and what I expect. :)

    And you're right, people hate change.

    I did not want to leave Comcast. But I did for DirecTV dual tuner TiVo (and Comcast CSR rudeness).

    I called to get a straight answer to the simple question: "Will I have to use two cable cards (at $5.99 a month each) to get dual tuner operation on the new TiVo HD box?"

    It was an interesting experience as I was forwarded to several different people in different departments.

    They were interested in why I was considering coming back to Comcast (Dual Tuner HD TiVo).

    They were interested in why I left:

    In November of 2003 Comcast made the decision to move some channels to digital to free up space. Research told them subscribers to the SciFi Channel would be most likely to add the digital service to keep the channel and most likely to embrace digital.

    I called Comcast immediately on seeing the bottom screen crawler. I asked the simple quesion: "What is the least expensive package which will allow me access to SciFi channel on two Series 2 TiVos?"

    The CSR began by offering the most expensive / all inclusive tier at $159 a month (I was then paying $45 a month with two TiVos and 4 VCRs hooked up to three TVs).

    Again I asked: "What is the least expensive package which will allow me access to SciFi channel on two Series 2 TiVos?"

    She offered a package costing $99 with several bundled premium services.

    I asked for her supervisor. She hung up on me.

    I had never once missed a payment or even been late with a payment in 30 years as a cable customer. Their records show I had requested only two service calls in that time frame.

    I spent close to two hours talking and listening. What most impressed me was their willingness to listen and explore indepth my experience with the original cable company, TCI, and then Comcast.

    It's quickly becoming a buyer's market. I called our Borough Council President and they expect to wrap up negotiations with Verizon by month's end.

    I will take my time this time and look at Dish, Comcast, and Verizon FIOS and compare what is offered to my current experience with D*. Whomever best meets my needs wins.

    One thing they suggested I ask D* vis a vis the 100 HD channels promised - will they be discrete 24 hour a day / 7 day a week channels or ????
  6. Aug 1, 2007 #46 of 275

    Chuck584 AllStar

    Apr 17, 2007
    I know better than to make sweeping generalizations. Or I should. :)

    TiVo could not roll out the software without an agreement with DirecTV.

    For me, TiVo means no drama. No missed shows. No bugs.

    My HR20 decided not to record one of two back to back episodes of ABC's show Just for Laughs. The History tab says: "This episode was partially recorded because it became unavailable (13)".

    It wasn't recorded at all so far as I can see.

    My Philips DSR704 recorded it without issue.
  7. Aug 1, 2007 #47 of 275

    jal Icon

    Mar 3, 2005
    I would be thrilled if Directv came out with an MPEG IV Directivo. I have never really liked the HR20, and the reason I first came to Directv was TIVO. I still have my TIVOs, and enjoy them much more than the R15 (which I returned) and the HR20 (which I had nothing but lock-ups on for the first 9 months of having it).

    IF Directv had an MPEG IV TIVO, I would be much more likely to stay after my commitment expires.
  8. Aug 1, 2007 #48 of 275

    tiger2005 Godfather

    Sep 22, 2006
    Agreed. I do believe that the HR20 has a few more features than the HD TiVo's, BUT the features that TiVo has and are missing on the HR20 (DLB, Wishlist, etc.) are far more important to me than the added features on the HR20.
  9. Aug 1, 2007 #49 of 275

    jal Icon

    Mar 3, 2005
    Well put, but don't forget about suggestions as well. I like comming home after a hard day's work, and seeing what has been selected for me. It's fun.
  10. Aug 1, 2007 #50 of 275

    CoachGibbs Godfather

    May 23, 2007
    Agreed. I'd dump the HR20 in a minute for a MPEG4 HDTivo.
  11. Aug 1, 2007 #51 of 275

    CobraGuy Godfather

    Apr 23, 2007
    Tivo is much more seamless than the HR20. It works as advertised with very few issues...if any.

    The HR20 offers features that my Tivo doesn't. I wouldn't want to lose my networking capability that my Tivo doesn't offer.

    Tivo has features the HR20 doesn't. DLB being the biggest. I still don't know why D* ignores one of the most sought after changes asked for.

    If Tivo comes out with a HD box for D*, I will have one. I probably won't give up my HR20 (unless the Tivo box includes the features of the HR20 I like).

    If D* comes out with a box that has DLB and the other features that Tivo has that I like, then I won't worry about a Tivo box. But after having Tivo for years, and the HR20 for months now, I see the defiencies on both sides...but the Tivo still wins. Of course, the reason I left the Tivo was for HD and 5.1, so unless Tivo can match that, I'm staying where I'm at regardless of the HR20 problems and lack of DLB.
  12. Aug 1, 2007 #52 of 275

    BruceS Icon

    Sep 23, 2006
    Albany, NY
    As far as implementing the features mentioned in post #1, everything except the deleted folder is already available with any hacked D*.

    I only have experience with the HR10-250, but I can do everything else mentioned already.

    As far as the question about whether you will need to have a network connection for this to work, Tivo already has this working over either the phone or network connection for the S3 and AFIK all of the other S2 boxes except for the D* ones.

    If using just the phone connection, you would need to register your D* box on tivo.com and do the online scheduling there. You currently can not register your D* Tivo on that box, but they should be able to change that with no problems.

    Once the web connection is activated, you should be able to do it with TivoWebPlus.

    I just wish that while they are doing this, they implement the ability to use the network connection instead of the phone to make the daily call to D*.
  13. Aug 1, 2007 #53 of 275
    Earl Bonovich

    Earl Bonovich Lifetime Achiever

    Nov 15, 2005
    There is no definitive statement that USB's will be updated...
    All that was stated is that remote scheduling will be added, but not how it will be done.

    As for the Samsung TiVos at Circuit City ... that is the same as it was this time yesterday (Before the announcement)
  14. Aug 1, 2007 #54 of 275
    Stuart Sweet

    Stuart Sweet The Shadow Knows!

    Jun 18, 2006
    One way or another you have to give it to DIRECTV for supporting these older receivers instead of just abandoning them.
  15. Aug 1, 2007 #55 of 275

    wingrider01 Hall Of Fame

    Sep 9, 2005
    Funny, I have the exact same issues with the HR10 that you describe on your HR20 and additionals issus such as random restarts.

    My commitment is up in 2 months, unless I work a good deal on a new HR20 I am going to Dish, I own the HR10, at that time it will be introduced to a couple of loads of double-aught buck shot and resigned to the trash heap.
  16. Aug 1, 2007 #56 of 275

    michaelancaster Legend

    Jul 7, 2007
    Any chance of getting the "Recently Deleted Folder" feature included in a HR20 update anytime in the near future or at all?
  17. Aug 1, 2007 #57 of 275

    bidger Hall Of Fame

    Nov 19, 2005
    Bingo! Go price an HR10 on eBay right now and contrast it to the price a year ago. I'm holding onto mine for SD and local ATSC, but at some future point when all the sats have been deployed and are operational, I may swap it out too. Fact is TiVo's seeing their DIRECTV sub revenue decrease so it's taking a stab at making their DIRECTV boxes more attractive. And though the features aren't available until next year, they want the announcement made now hoping people won't ditch their HR10s in the meantime.

    I think TiVo sees the cable cos they have agreements with dragging their feet at actually releasing their integrated boxes and they start to think, "You know, we had it pretty good with DIRECTV". I don't care what those in other markets see, all I know is there are three rows of standalone TiVos in boxes along with three returns at the local Best Buy. I don't call that flying off the shelf.

    I've detached from the cult of TiVo because, as you say, I've auditioned other platforms and it didn't have me screaming and running back to TiVo. It's a fine platform, but I found it's not a necessity. I think the fact that they stand on their lonesome now as far as DVR manufacturers go says a lot about the future of that market.
  18. Aug 1, 2007 #58 of 275
    Mike D-CO5

    Mike D-CO5 Hall Of Fame

    Mar 11, 2003
    Okay who will own DIrectv when the swap is over then? I know that I have read that Charlie Ergen and John Malone are much friendlier to each other than Rupert and Charlie. I also remember one of the sites saying that John was friendly to Tivo also since he had them with his cable service.
  19. Aug 1, 2007 #59 of 275
    Earl Bonovich

    Earl Bonovich Lifetime Achiever

    Nov 15, 2005
    Most things are possible.
  20. Aug 1, 2007 #60 of 275
    Earl Bonovich

    Earl Bonovich Lifetime Achiever

    Nov 15, 2005
    Liberty will be the largest single share holder: 35% (I believe that is the number).... so if they had to have a "defined" owner.... Liberty would be.

    Which Cable Service does Malone still own?
    TiVo has only been on DirecTV (as an integrated unit)... all other usages have been in StandAlone mode. (That is of course until the CTiVo is release... COMCASTs)

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