DirecTV/Viacom Dispute?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by danpeters, Jul 9, 2012.

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    zimm7778 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 11, 2007
    Directv has gotten worse in the last year or two. The channels may stay but not without public arguing.
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    PK6301 Legend

    May 16, 2012
    Erie, PA
    You forgot the condoms(if they used them) , pregnancy tests, ugly clothes..the list goes on and on..:):):)

    But seriously, This all went down after I signed off for the night..IMHO I think Viacom did blindside D*.. a 30% increse is unjustified..Looking over my viewing habits I only watch a few of the channels a little of the time.. I do not let my 4 year old watch Nick ( I absolutly HATE !! Spongebob and will not allow him to watch) ((RIP Ernest Borgnine:angel:))

    I guess we will see what takes place in the next few hours or days..
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    gio12 Icon

    Jul 31, 2006
    Miami, Fl

    I am going to be PISSED if Nick gets dropped for GOOD, period. This bickering on both sides is getting inexcusable and our bills are hight enough as it is. I just renewed for 2 years last week. If Nick is going to be for an extended time, I will call Uverse who said they would be HAPPY to pay my full ETF to get be on board.

    Maybe D* needs to ear info like this and Viacom needs to realize 20 mil viewers both watching in not good either. Then maybe D* will care less if I leave as they will get a huge EFT.

    Overall, I support DIRECTV on this one and relayed that i get get Nick stuff via netflix and my Blu-ray player.
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    MysteryMan Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    May 17, 2010
    No big loss here if the Viacom channels go dark. With the exception of a few concerts on Palladia we don't watch any of their channels. They don't fit our viewing habits and are loaded with annoying commercials.
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    akw4572 Legend

    Sep 7, 2005
    I've got a four and six year old, and I say let the channels go. Plenty of other Kids channels out there. 30% increase is a flipping joke.
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    zimm7778 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 11, 2007
    I don't blame Directv for doing this. But honest.y if I could legally get all games local and otherwise through Internet and mobile apps from MLB, NHL, and NFL live I'd drop pay tv. I only watch one Viacom channel (Spike) and that's only when they are showing reruns of CSI:NY or something Iike that. But this is becoming way too commonplace and until providers finally bite the bullet and stand up to them over the long haul, nothing will change. As I said when Fox or ESPN was in public dispute. Remove the channels and issue a refund to customers for the amount they say those channels were charging. Then maybe people will begin to understand. I'm tired of this.
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    zimm7778 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 11, 2007
    My wife's parents have UVERSE and acccording to them they have already had trouble renegotiating channels and they've been around for what? 2-3 years maybe? You aren't going to get away from this short of putting an antenna up.
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    braven Hall Of Fame

    Apr 9, 2007
    But how will I watch "Walking Dead" and "Mad Men"? Oh wait, never mind.
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    tulanejosh Godfather

    May 23, 2008
    If you are all so content to lose this many channels tht you don't think provide any value - why do yOu pay for tv in the first place. You can get NHL MLB nba and nfl vie the Internet as well as local news and network tv ota - and anything else you might want through a collection of iTunes amazon and Netflix. Just cut the cord already. You don't because it's all just chest pounding about a supposed increase in fees.

    Has directv ever jacked your bill up by a 30%? Nope. How many times have they claimed some outrageous fee increase? Pretty much every time. And financially they continue to do very well. I must've missed the huge opex increase in their quarterly reports. these fee increases aren't real or our based on some fuzzy math or are over some absurd period of time or they are asking for something more like hd, tv everywhere, setter in demand rights etc.
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    fleckrj Icon

    Sep 4, 2009
    Cary, NC
    Viacom still owns one local channel - KGBS-CA, a low power analog channel (32) in Austin TX. I do not know for sure, but I doubt this channel is on DirecTV, anyway.
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    Sixto Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2005
    If taking down some channels for a few days gets DirecTV a better price for every subscriber, for several years, then that's fine.

    It seems like that's the only way to a better end result these days.
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    meldar_b Mentor

    May 16, 2006
    corporate creed at work:bad_nono: give'em the axe:mad: 30% increase is to much to pay for mostly rerun channels :p
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    fleckrj Icon

    Sep 4, 2009
    Cary, NC
    I do not know what it will be like this year, but in the past, Comedy Central had the most entertaining coverage of the Republican and Democratic national conventions. :D
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    wedge40 Mentor

    Aug 6, 2006
    I've been mulling over Uverse for a while.. This could be the push I need I pick up the phone and make the call.

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    tulanejosh Godfather

    May 23, 2008

    a couple days is ok. But when you get to a point where the peanut gallery is screaming take the bum channels down I don't watch tht crap anyway. You have to wonder what they do watch. And while I'm not passing judgment on whatever that might be its not unreasonable to come to the conclusion that many simply have philosophical issues paying for any tv over a certain amount and based in the appearance of their somewhat limited channel interests the might be better served not paying directv at all and cutting cord.

    I never believe that directv or the network are being 100% truthful. It's probably not 30% becausyoy just don't see that in the annual reports of any of these companies.
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    loudo Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2005
    Central Maine
    It wouldn't bother me a bit, if they took them down, I don't watch any of them. The wife does watch a few programs on them though, and she might not be to happy. But when I tell her the increase Viacom is demanding, she will understand.
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    slimoli Hall Of Fame

    Jan 27, 2005
    Directv should request a big price reduction from Viacom. These channels are crap and if they are gone, great, more room for better stuff on the transponders. Play hard ball, Directv !
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    maartena Hall Of Fame

    Nov 1, 2010
    I agree. And if you have kids, there are better things you can challenge their minds with instead of pushing them in front of the TV so they'll keep quiet. :D

    DirecTV isn't going to let Viacom go.

    I was on TWC when they had to re-negotiate a couple of years ago, and they went black for about a week. And that's fine, no one is going to leave DirecTV for channels being black for a week, but Viacom is going to lose some advertising income as it won't show their ads to a potential 20 million viewers.

    Play hard. I'm with DirecTV.
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    mws192 Godfather

    Jun 17, 2010
    I think they are counting standard def and HD separately (I'm still missing one)

    2 BET
    1 Centric
    2 CMT
    2 Comedy Central
    1 Logo
    2 MTV
    1 MTV2
    1 MTV t3es
    3 Nick, NickW
    1 Nick Jr
    1 Nick Toons
    1 Palladia
    2 Spike
    1 Teen Nick
    1 TV Land
    2 VH1
    1 VH1 Classic
    25 Total
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    RACJ2 Hall Of Fame

    Aug 2, 2008
    For the most part, I can live w/o the Viacom channels. I occasionally watch The Colbert Report on comedy central, but that's about it.

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