Directv wins partial victory over reverse band at 103

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    This fight has been going on for a decade, but it looks like part of it is finally behind them and Directv has full rights to the reverse band spectrum in the 103W slot in the US.

    Order from FCC affirming Directv's license:

    However, Ciel/SES has ITU priority for this slot in Canada, which is still potentially a big problem - satellite broadcasts don't simply stop at the border, and since Ciel/SES has priority they are entitled to no interference with reception in Canada unless Directv can reach a coordination agreement with them.

    Dish's plan to deploy 50,000 medium sized (3-4 meter) satellite dishes in the US on cellular towers to use the reverse band capability of the SES-3 satellite located at 103W is now officially dead. I can't remember if they were talking about putting some up in Canada, or if Ciel had some other use contracted for it in Canada, but I imagine they'll come up with something to throw more wrenches in Directv's plans so this fight may have a way to go.

    Dish's 50,000 Earth station plan:

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