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  1. Janice805

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    Nov 26, 2005
    I "normally" just hit YES/NO to DELETE at the end of the recording. But I neglected to mention that the software issue from before whereby you don't end up at the end of the folder you're in after you hit delete, but in a different folder is happening again. And what's new (to me anyway) is that somehow it ended up somewhere whereby it deleted the whole folder with 12 episodes, AND, AND, AND, it also deleted the folder below it (different program) with 44 Judge show episodes. I'm guessing that's how I lost two folders FULL of stuff I was waiting to watch.

    I don't care if it's called a BUG or a SOFTWARE ERROR, or whatever. This should NOT be happening since with DTV you cannot UNDELETE anything.
  2. makaiguy

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    Sep 24, 2007
    Aiken, SC
  3. Janice805

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    Nov 26, 2005
    OK. Just happened again. Here's the sequence of events.

    There were (4) episodes in the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Folder. Two recorded on my Genie (yesterday and today) and two recorded on my HR-24 (yesterday and today).

    For example:
    B&B (Genie) Today
    B&B (Genie) Yesterday
    B&B (HR24) Today
    B&B (HR24) Yesterday

    In this case, I record the same episodes on both recorders, then when I see the HR24 successfully recorded the episode, I delete the duplicate from the Genie.

    So here's the order of what I did today. I saw the above 4 episodes (2 really) then I first deleted B&B (Genie) Yesterday (#2). Then I deleted B&B (Genie) Today (#1), then when I looked at my list, the whole folder was GONE again. Somehow it deleted both from my HR-24 too. Just a side note. Both TODAY's episodes were RECORDING when I deleted the one from my Genie. But that shouldn't have caused this. What the heck is going on????

    I know this is long but I throw these details out in case a DTV rep is watching the board to see if we have a new problem with the last update. And I don't know if it took out any other FOLDERS of shows yet like it did before.

    Gawd !!! I record a LOT !!!
  4. HarryG

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    Jul 9, 2007
    i am experiencing the same issue, although it seems to be more of an intermittent problem for me. I lost 6 recorded (unwatched) episodes of Cops a few weeks ago, after deleting a previously viewed episode. I as surprised when the folder was no longer available but reluctantly chalked it up to operator error.

    Since discovering this thread, I have been extremely cautious in deleting all recorded material. On a whim (to validate my previous experience) I deleted content from a folder of a show I am no longer viewing. Rather than just deleting the folder I manually deleted each episode in order of the oldest recording first. There were 8 recorded episodes in the folder. The first four were deleted without incident. After manually deleting the 5th episode, the folder (with the remaining 3 episodes) disappeared from my recording list.

    I assume the workaround of fast forwarding to the end of the program (and manually deleting from the prompt) eliminates the problem but it is irritating to once again have to workaround ANOTHER Directv software glitch.

    HR54 Genie
    C61K client
    (2) HR24
    I have not attempted to replicate the issue in my HR24
  5. inkahauts

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    Nov 13, 2006
    How much time between all this are you giving it? And does it list the specific episode you want to delete? It could be slow at moving the cursor and therefor it ends up asking you to delete something other than what you thought was highlighted.
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  6. Janice805

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Sorry, just returned to my puter and saw your post. Normal amount of time. Yes, I surely know there can be a lag. This was nothing out of the ordinary (except for it deciding to DELETE stuff on it's own). Aarg.

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