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    ALMADHI New Member

    Apr 9, 2005
    Ref:- to the above title :-

    From Eutelsat Co. Definition : DiSEqC stands for ( Digital Equipment Control )

    therefore DiSEqC switch does one thing and one thing well: it combines up to 4 satellites feeds ( 4LNBs ) into one single output to your receiver .

    I have a technical question addressed to only if possible to satellite dish installers engineers or qualified satellite dish installers technicians .

    The main purposes of the above switch are :-

    1 - To combine 4 satellites feeds ( 4 LNBs ) by providing a standardised digital system with non-proprietary commands and enabling switching between them .

    2 - Providing single output to the receiver .

    My topic is the second purpose, the output of the switch .

    If I connect the output of the switch directly to the receiver or put it near the receiver , and bring 4 labeled coaxial cables for the 4 satellites ( 4 LNBs ) down to the DiSEqC switch inputs providing that these 4 cables are the same length as the single output cable , And as far as the impeadance or db losses if any in the single output cable will be the same in every cable of these 4 cables .

    What is wrong with this procedure ( Ignore cost of 3 extra cables ) .

    Could you please give technical analysis for this procedure whether it is O.K. or not .

    Best Regards
  2. SimpleSimon

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    Jan 15, 2004
    Cable length is not an issue - they don't have to be anywhere near the same.

    The issue has to do with whether your receiver is DiSEqC-capable, and the types of LNBFs involved.

    ALMADHI New Member

    Apr 9, 2005

    To - SimpleSimon , thanks for your reply

    The issue has to do with whether your receiver is DiSEqC-capable, and the types of LNBFs involved "

    Reference to your statement above, Actually the receiver is DiSEqC compatible , and the LNBFs are as well DiSEqC compatible

    The DiSEqC switch is connected to the receiver at the bottom with four coaxial cables going to the top at the LNBs of the Dishes and the system working fine

    My question is what is the difference between the DiSEqC at the bottom with four cables coming from the top , And the DiSEqC at the top with only one cable coming from the top to the receiver regarding ineadance and db losses that is all .

    Best Regards


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