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Dish 1000.2 Setup problems

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by jussi, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. jussi

    jussi New Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    I am trying to set up a Dish 1000.2 with a DPP triple LNBF. It is used with a 222K receiver. I managed to geta 74 % signal on Sat 119 but no results for 110 or 129.
    The azimuth, elevation and skew are identical to a similar installation about 200 feet away. I have a single RG6 coax run from port 1 on the LNBF to the receiver. There is a Dish triplexer 175284 at the receiver which feeds sat 1 IN and sat 2 IN.
    When I run 6-1-1 and check switch I get the following result for both sat inputs.

    Port 1
    Sat 119
    Trans OK
    Device Feed
    Status Reception verified
    Switch DP Feed

    There is nothing on the other 3 ports.

    If I run a switch test from the Installation Summary Page , I finally get a message that one of the sat input or switches is not connected properly.

    If I back out to view programs a screen comes up to say acquiring
    Sat signal but it says Satellite X, transponder 16.

    In order to clear this it is necessary to hit the reset on the receiver and go through the whole start up procedure and then some programs on 119 can be viewed. Occasionally when switching channels the screen will say "lost sat signal"

    Do I have multiple problems? Switch problems in the LNBF.
    In addition , tuner 2 on the receiver does not show any signal strength for sat 119 when tuner 1 does.

    Sorry for the long winded story. I am somewhat frustrated. I would appreciate any comments.
  2. VDP07

    VDP07 Godfather

    Feb 22, 2006
    It sounds to me to be an aiming issue. While you say that your setup is aimed exactly like the one 200 feet away, it is very difficult to compare two dish setups even 20 feet apart. The fact that you have found the 119 means you are close. Without a portable signal strength meter it can be tricky. An inexpensive inline analog meter will work in a pinch. Swing the dish about 20 degrees east and do another check switch, the results aren't important (unless you're incredibly lucky and hit all 3 sats):) Working back to the west, peak the first signal that you hit and do another check switch. The 3 sats you are aiming for come in quick sucession so with this method you eventually will hit the correct 3sat combo. Not the easiest process but one I've used when my high tech high dollar meters go on the fritz. Good luck
  3. CABill

    CABill Hall Of Fame

    Mar 20, 2005
    A 1000.2 is available in two flavors. The most common is with an integrated DPP switch and non-removable LNBs. I have one of those and the receiver identifies it as a 1k2 switch. There is also another mount for the 1000.2 for three independent (removable) LNBs that doesn't have an integrated switch and you connect the LNBs to an external switch.

    I have no clue what "a Dish triplexer 175284" is, but my GUESS is a "regular separator" with a 3rd frequency split out for OTA. As a test, I'd bypass it and connect Receiver tuner 1 to the switch port 1, do a 6-1-1 and see if it calls your switch a 1K.2. It would not no connection to tuner 2, but it would be informative. Mine is listed as DPP 1K.2 w/separator, but it isn't a 222k (which I have zero experience with). I'd still expect yours to identify the switch as a DPP and not a DP - why I'd bypass the triplexer.

    If you are currently getting 119, put your hand or aluminum foil over the center LNB and verify that takes out reception. As long as you are aiming so that the center LNB receives 119, you don't have to change Az to sync 110 and 129 - El and Skew from that point.
  4. jarvantgroup

    jarvantgroup Icon

    Mar 24, 2006
    Triplexer - new integrated separator/diplexer included in the box with new 222k rcvrs. It takes the place of the old DNS-supplied separator and technician-supplied diplexer. One less point of failure in the line.
  5. jarvantgroup

    jarvantgroup Icon

    Mar 24, 2006
    Make sure your triplexer is facing up. Facing up, you'll have one jumper from the triplexer to each sat input and the third jumper into the TV output. Maybe you have the TV2 into sat input #1 and the other two jumpers carrying the signal from the LNB into sat input #2 and TV2 output. I assume that your LNB is new. You might have a bad LNB if you bought one secondhand. Also, make sure no standard splitters are in the line.
  6. jussi

    jussi New Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    Everything now looks normal. The conditions cleared up after I went through the following procedure. Powered down the receiver and disconnected the sat input leads, powered the receiver back up and ran a switch test. When the switch test was complete and after acknowledging that I wanted to remove any current stored information, I again powered down the receiver and connected the sat input leads to the receiver. The receiver was then powered back up on the switch test was rerun. At the completion of this test everything came up normal and ports 1, 2, and 3 showed connections to satellites 119, 110 and 119. I can't explain what started the faulty conditions but I am relieved that it turned out OK.

    Thanks for the offers of help from this group.

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