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Dish 8VSB Module Vs. Name Brands

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by Eagles, Jan 14, 2004.

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  1. Eagles

    Eagles Godfather/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Dec 31, 2003
    I just hooked up the OTA tuner on my 921. I live in a fringe area for OTA reception. At this point there is some software issues with the 921 as they apply to the operation of the OTA, but I'm not sure if they affect the ability of the receiver to lock onto a signal. I'm locking onto CBS, FOX with a consistent
    80% +. ABC & NBC are about 60-65% and I can't stay locked. I'm hearing two different opinions on this situation. #1- Dish does not put much stock in the quality of their 8VSB module, and as a result more signal strength is needed for a lock as opposed to say a Samsung set top box which can lock consistently at a much lower SS (20-30%). #2-Dish 8VSB's are just as good, and the 20-30%
    numbers on the Samsung are relatively the same as the 65-70% Dish numbers
    Does anyone out there have any hands on experience actually swapping Dish with other name brands in an attempt to receive better OTA HDTV signals?
    Any insight or thoughts on this would be very helpful. !pride
  2. boba

    boba Hall Of Fame

    May 23, 2003
    No experience with the 811 or 921 but I have a 6000 w/8vsb and I have a Samsung T-151 OTA tuner. Hands down the Samsung outperforms the 6000, this is in a fringe area of Dallas. Both of these products are not current generation tuners so newer tuners should be better still. I just don't have a lot of confidence in DISH using the best quality components, they tend to like just good enough rather than first class.
  3. Eagles

    Eagles Godfather/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Dec 31, 2003

    boba-Thanks for the info. I am not surprised at this. If I still continue to have this problem after the software issue is resolved, I think I'm going to buy the Samsung and try them side by side. If I don't get the results from the Samsung I'll bring it back (30 days Circuit City). I'm about 50 miles south of DC. I was told by an OTA HDTV Tech that from my location with the antenna I'm using (Winegard HD9095P & AP4800 pre-amp) I should have no problem locking onto all DC & Baltimore networks. When I called this guy back
    for some help with my reception problems he basically echoed your opinion
    after he discovered I had a Dish Network 8VSB. Does the 6000 have a signal
    strength indicator? If so do you have a number where the 6000 would no longer lock but the Samsung would? Thanks again. !pride
  4. belcherwm

    belcherwm Guest

    The 6000 locks at >50% if you have a steady signal, ie no fluctuations of 3%-5% or more usually caused by multipath. Signal meter is a measure of signal transmission errors rather than strength.

    Get your antenna higher if you can, also wouldn't hurt to try without the preamp.
  5. mofiz

    mofiz Cool Member

    May 21, 2003
    i have used em all dish 6000, 921, directv zenith 420,hughes e86, sony 200 smsung 150,151.....so far the best one is direc tvs sony hd200. with same configaration and coonection the sony gave me all the OTA ch...abc,cbs.nbc.fox,upn witout any problem. so to me the winner is sony hd200.
  6. JohnC

    JohnC Mentor

    Jan 14, 2004
    I live 60 - 65 air miles from the Atlanta DTV stations and receive good reception on all the Atlanta full power (450 to 1,000 kw) UHF DTV stations using the 8VSB module in a 3 month old 6000 fed by a Winegard 9095P about 35 feet above ground level with a Radio Shack 30 DB UHF/VHF preamp and a Channel Master remote control rotor. The antenna is mounted from the ground and attached to the side of the house so that I can raise and lower it. The reception generally gets better as the antenna height is increased. This antenna is very directional with about a 5% signal decrease if the direction is about 3 degrees from optimum and 10% signal decrease (according to the on-screen meter) if the direction is about 6 degrees from optimum. I get a lock and a perfect signal with a strength of 48% or higher, frozen pizels at 47%, and nothing at 46% or below. Since the signal strength generally varies by about 4% over a period of minutes, the average signal strength has to be in the 52 to 55% range to obtain a perfect picture without dropouts. The UPN, PAX, and Fox stations are always perfect, WTBS and WB are usually perfect, ABC is generally perfect during night and mornings, but unwatchable during the afternoon. The CBS station currently has only a 45 KW power output and I receive it occassionally. I have a high band yagi (7-13) for NBC 10, but I have only received it once as it also has a relatively low output power (16 KW).
  7. Eagles

    Eagles Godfather/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Dec 31, 2003

    JohnC-That sounds encouraging. Like I said I'm hoping some of the problems
    I'm having with the 921 OTA reception are software related. I am also using a
    9095P, but my pre amp is a Winegard AP4888. I'm about 50-55 miles south of DC. I've been told reception from my location should not be a problem. My 921 will lock on at 65%. Anything less it won't lock. I have some channels that are consistently 80% plus and fail to lock for timed recordings, but are OK for live viewing. Go figure. Also, I'm waiting on conformation on this: Some of the stations in my area are listed as 1000 KW erp on their digital antennas,
    but that only indicates the max the FCC has licensed them for and what they capable of putting out. I was told by an engineer at WJLA-ABC7 in DC that
    because of the cost involved in putting out full power and the relatively low
    customer demand for digital reception at this time he was under the impression they currently braodcast as a much lower power level. He said this
    may not be uncommon with alot of stations. Didn't I read on another thread that you had a 921. If so did you try OTA reception? !pride
  8. billp

    billp Cool Member

    Oct 19, 2003
    I'm having a similar problem. I get a good signal - 75% at the lowest and up to 93% at the highest. I'm 65 miles from the source in Boston. My problem is the 811 drops stations from the guide and then I can't get them back. The set-up works fine and shows their availalbility but I can't get them back onto the guide. I also tried to drop some OTA stations (shopping channels) and the guide won't drop them. I have been loosing an OTA station every couple of weeks since I got my 811. Any thoughts on this? Anyway to overide the system and just do this manually?
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