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Dish Adds WB east/west feeds to markets

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by tsmacro, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. tsmacro

    tsmacro Hall Of Fame

    Apr 28, 2005


    Effective Wednesday, February 22, 2006 by 5:00pm ET, DISH Network will launch WB programming into the markets listed below. Please note that the customers living in the eastern and central time zones will receive the programming from WBZL, the Miami WB. Those customers living in markets in the mountain and pacific time zones will receive their programming from KSWB, the San Diego WB.

    Market East EPG DISH Network Chnl. Market West EPG DISH Network Chnl.
    Abilene, TX East WB 251 Anchorage, AK West WB-W 252
    Albany, GA East WB 251 Bakersfield, CA West WB-W 252
    Amarillo, TX East WB 251 Billings, MT West WB-W 252
    Augusta, GA East WB 251 Boise, ID West WB-W 252
    Charleston, SC East WB 251 Casper West WB-W 252
    Charlottesville, VA East WB 251 Cheyenne, WY West WB-W 252
    Clarksburg, WV East WB 251 Chico, CA West WB-W 252
    Columbia, MO East WB 251 Eugene, OR West WB-W 252
    Columbus, MS East WB 251 Grand Junction, CO West WB-W 252
    Duluth, MN East WB 251 Great Falls West WB-W 252
    Erie, PA East WB 251 Juneau West WB-W 252
    Fargo, ND East WB 251 Medford, OR West WB-W 252
    Florence, SC East WB 251 Missoula, MT West WB-W 252
    Ft. Wayne, IN East WB 251 Monterey, CA West WB-W 252
    Gainesville, FL East WB 251 Santa Barbara, CA West WB-W 252
    Greenville, NC East WB 251
    Harlingen, TX East WB 251
    Johnstown, PA East WB 251
    Joplin, MO East WB 251
    La Crosse, WI East WB 251
    Lansing, MI East WB 251
    Lexington, KY East WB 251
    Lincoln, NE East WB 251
    Macon, GA East WB 251
    Meridian, MS East WB 251
    Minot East WB 251
    Monroe, AR East WB 251
    Montgomery, AL East WB 251
    Panama City, FL East WB 251
    Peoria, IL East WB 251
    Quincy, IL East WB 251
    Rochester, NY East WB 251
    Rockford, IL East WB 251
    San Angelo East WB 251
    Savannah, GA East WB 251
    Sherman, OK East WB 251
    Sioux City, IA East WB 251
    Terre Haute, IN East WB 251
    Toledo, OH East WB 251
    Topeka, KS East WB 251
    Traverse City, MI East WB 251
    Wausau East WB 251
    Wichita Falls East WB 251
  2. tsmacro

    tsmacro Hall Of Fame

    Apr 28, 2005
    hmmm....looks like that didn't copy too well, but I think you get the idea.
  3. Michael P

    Michael P Hall Of Fame

    Oct 27, 2004
    I see Youngstown Ohio is missing from this list. Do they carry "WBCB" which is a subchannel of WFMJ the NBC affilliate? I know that they do carry "WYFX" which is an LPTV FOX affiliate owned by WKBN the CBS affilliate.
  4. chaddux

    chaddux Banned User

    Oct 10, 2004
    DISH doesn't carry a local WB in my market but we aren't on the list. I shouldn't be surprised.
  5. dishnh

    dishnh Mentor

    Jun 6, 2004
    I am in the same boat as you. Burlington, VT does not have a WB in its market and I am not receiving it either.
  6. RJDII

    RJDII Mentor

    Jan 26, 2006
    You can't get the New York WB? On the Super Stations?
  7. alebowgm

    alebowgm Hall Of Fame

    Jun 12, 2004
    Dish is probably working on expanding the list of DMAs they can offer this in. How long as WB been in hidden mode while they have worked on it. Wouldn't surprise me to see more DMAs that they may have overlooked get this station added...
  8. music_beans

    music_beans Hall Of Fame

    Mar 21, 2003
    Hmm. Checked the WB Station list, and Burlington VT does have a WB, abeit tied with FOX as well. WFFF-TV.
  9. alebowgm

    alebowgm Hall Of Fame

    Jun 12, 2004
    My money is that Burlington, VT WB station will eventually become Fox2 (or My Network TV, what a bad name for a station) and you will either get The CW national feed or if you have a UPN affiliate, it will probably switch over...
  10. shadowman413

    shadowman413 AllStar

    Jan 29, 2006
    The reason they're doing this is because both D* and E* cannot create localized versions of the WB 100+ service (something that cable companies can do in any market under the top 100 TV markets in the US where there is not a WB affilliate)
  11. derwin0

    derwin0 Icon

    Jan 31, 2005
    Harrisburg is in the same boat too.

    I have a bad feeling that the Tribune owned Fox station WPMT-43 will be dropping Fox and switching to CW come fall considering the bad blood between Fox and Tribune/CBS due to the killing off of UPN.

    Fox has said that Fox-owned stations with WB or UPN affiliations in markets that don't have Tribune or CBS owed stations will be dropping UPN/WB even though they don't have to, so the Burlington WB will be dropping WB in favor of the new Fox "My Network TV".
  12. Paul Secic

    Paul Secic Hall Of Fame

    Dec 16, 2003
    Why the bad blood? UPN was never much of a money maker, or was it? It will be intersting to see how this new venture will fare.
  13. Geronimo

    Geronimo Native American Potentate DBSTalk Gold Club

    Mar 23, 2002
    They can get the supers. But the "Distant WBs" are no charge to those that qualify.

    As for the bad blood Fox is upset about not being informed earlier. Fox thinks that it was a major player at UPN due the affilation agreements in major markets and that they were treated shabbily.
  14. j wherley

    j wherley New Member

    Dec 29, 2005
    What are the requirments to get this? I have at60+ and it has not shown up in my guide! I have a dish 500 and a 300 pointed at 61.5. Do you need locals if so I will have get another dish for 148. I have been thinking about getting that anyhow!
  15. tsmacro

    tsmacro Hall Of Fame

    Apr 28, 2005

    yeah I believe you have to subscribe to locals to get it.
  16. mattoid

    mattoid Cool Member

    Apr 15, 2003
    WooHoo WB in Amarillo with out Cable! Take that KVII :)
  17. Link

    Link Hall Of Fame

    Feb 1, 2004
    If someone subscribes to the Dish East Nets package, do they now get the WB on 251 as well??
  18. James Long

    James Long Ready for Uplink! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2003
    No. The WBs are tied to the markets listed.
  19. Link

    Link Hall Of Fame

    Feb 1, 2004
    When does this start? I know some people in the markets listed above and they say there is nothing 251 yet.
  20. JohnH

    JohnH Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    It obviously has started, but the computer may not have all the authorizations completed yet. A subscription to their local channels is required.
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