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    As a buyer, one always has to keep the goal in mind. Whether it was credit score or some just a company pricing policy change, keep the goal in mind. If the goal was a Hopper 3 then don't let items that are insignificant over the long haul affect your decision. I recently upgraded to H3 and J but was going to be charged $100 for install. CSR suggested I add service for 6 months and get free install. Basically saved me $50 and he tossed in some free ppv. I didn't get as good a deal as my brother did but I got the system I wanted and love it. Glad to hear the Tribune deal is settled as we go into Sept.
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    NO that's monthly. New customers only. They credit back the monthly fee for the first two receivers. They also get hardware free for up to four rooms if they qualify on credit. (DIRECTV does that too)

    Like I said it's constantly changing though. Which was my real point.
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    This topic should have been closed long ago. What are the mods waiting for? And the title of the posting is rather nasty and uncouth, reflecting badly on the OP.
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    I wonder why you'd call for closing of a thread when we are having an interesting discussion about how these companies are constantly changing their offerings and how confusing that can become for everyone.

    And I think the title is more a reflection of how annoying these companies can be when they can't properly answer questions.. ones they should be able to answer.
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    There are three generations of Hopper receivers. The original Hopper, the Hopper with Sling (HwS) and the Hopper3. If by "regular Hopper" you are referring to the HwS, one of the advantages is that you are not limited to one main receiver on your account as you are with the Hopper3. I have two HwS receivers and two OTA tuners for up to 14 tuners and no loss of service with redundant hardware in case of receiver failure. The HwS may not be what you want, but the "regular Hopper" is no slouch.
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    The prices I gave were for DIRECTV Choice (average $83.97 per month) or DISH AT200 (average $81.99 per month) for two rooms on a two year contract. The higher price you gave ($105.29) was for AT250 and three rooms and included taxes. The price I gave was NOT higher than the bill you reported.

    Subtracting $10 for the difference between AT250 and AT200 is not enough ... you must also subtract the second Joey and adjust the taxes.

    The price after the two years is up (minimum $101.99 + taxes) is close to what you are paying for your first two years, but your rate will also go up at the end of the first two years.
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    I believe that the original Hopper (or Hopper 2000) is no longer being placed and new customers will get a HWS or H3 depending on their "score" and what they ask for when signing up.

    The web form is bad as it does not allow the customer to select the receiver. If one chooses "Excellent Credit" the H3 is added and a 4K column is added to the form. The 4K H3 is not offered (even at a premium) if the customer leaves "Good Credit" selected. The only way for a customer to get the online form to offer a H3 is to select "Excellent Credit" (then wait for the call back when DISH scores them "too low").

    Calling to place the order instead of using the online form would be a better choice as one could confirm if their offer was a H3 and the CSR would have access to the "score" (however calculated) and be able to give accurate pricing.
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    I agree that if you leave and then want to return in a (relatively) short time, there is little incentive for Dish to offer any great deal, as you have explained.
    Conversely, providers do want to get customers back. I switched from D* to Dish several months ago, and I still get offers from D* for $200 gift cards and much lower rates than when I quit. It is a matter of who wants to kiss and make up, I guess. The party trying to re-engage will generally have less leverage.
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