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    I was considering getting Dish Network again and I like this package that Dish offers:
    Flex Pack | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support

    Random questions
    a. Is it Dish's most basic package?
    b. Does DirecTV have an equivalent low price package?
    c. What does it mean to get Hopper with Sling though?
    d. I have a rooftop antenna that gets me local channels. Can those channels be integrated (and record possible) with the Dish channels?

    I thought Sling has it's own packages, even though Sling is owned by Dish Network. Is it possible to combine Dish Flex pack with Sling Comedy Extra? I like the Logo channel as it airs a lot of sitcoms from the past but it seems that channel is not easily added as an extra with Flex Pack. With Sling, one can get it in the Comedy Extra package.

    I know Philo (an online streaming service) has Logo and Animal Planet, two channels I like that are missing from Dish Flex Pack, but there'd probably be too much overlap otherwise.
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  2. James Long

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    The Hopper with Sling uses Slingbox technology to allow you to watch content from your DISH DVR throughout your home and outside of your home. The DISH satellite service and Sling TV streaming service are separate and, while one can subscribe to both, are not integrated.

    You can add an OTA tuner to the Hopper to tune up to two OTA channels simultaneously. OTA channels are integrated in the guide. Locals via satellite are optional.

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