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Dish forgetting their customers... Customer service had gone downhill...

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by cyphire, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. cyphire

    cyphire Cool Member

    May 27, 2004
    Hi ALl - Spoke to the Executive Office (Gary)... He would not let me do the 942 lease. I was very nice to him (and everyone on the phone), despite the fact that the Automated Attendant that Dish uses put me on dead hold (lost call) 4 times in a row. After 1/2 hour of this - I finally got someone - who after I explained the entire situation - hung up on me by accident (on purpose - sometimes it's easier to hang up that deal with something outside your area!).

    Finally got another support person who, again, I explained the whole 942 situation to and asked to get to the executive office (again). I was told that I couldn't speak to them without first support trying to solve my problem. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes - the guy came back and said 'No problem! It will be $798'. I explained that that was not the lease but the full retail and he put me back on hold. Came back to me and said that the manager would move me to the executive office.

    Now it's about 1.25 hours with Dish. This is quite usual sometimes - their support is a combination of good sometimes and horrific some other times as well as being overloaded many times! Trying to get 2nd level support for the 921 now means going to 3 people - the initial support - the advanced support - and then the guy/girl who is their report - as they really can't usually help me without them! Again - support system needs to be fixed.

    Got Gary on the phone from the executive office. He was very nice. He tried to get me the lease - I had to run out (was late for a piano lesson) and my wife took over now that the technical stuff was done and she was on the phone with Gary. He came back to her and said 'sorry', there will be a promotion in 4-6 months and I am out of luck.

    Here is my problem. Have been a loyal dish customer for over 5 years. Have bought a 921 at initial retail ($1000.00), before that bought a 6000 for full retail (forgot how much think 700-800$, have spent 400-600 on satelight guys to do wiring that I can't do and dish installation, this is on top of the 'Dish movers guys' who were very nice but brutally incompetent which is why I had to pay for installation anyway! I pay $120 / month for dish - have 3 301's - a 4900 - a 6000 (not using) - a 501 - a 921 - and a 6 month old HD receiver (forgot the model but its on a High Def in my office).

    I would say at this point - I need to sell my equip - stop going down a bad path - and get with cable. My cable company has been pushing me to go with their HD package - and I am tired of the 'hidden cost' of DISH.

    I guess that they don't want my $1,500 / year, the rest of my family's 3,000 / year, and whatever business I can scare away on my 50 websites and my 200 employees. I have been debugging the 921 since I had one of the first ones in So. Cal - I am a serious computer geek - but DISH doesn't give a crap that I have had to use a piece of garbage (921) and constantly find 'kludges' to get around the software.

    p.s. Still get the wrong guide info, lose local channels, have a horrible interface that only i can use in my house (forget my kids / wife trying to deal with the pathetic software which it uses), until recently it would sometimes show the previous show for 0 minutes and then the new show 30 min but the DVR would list the previous show (so I would have to scan through EVERY SHOW ON MY DVR hoping to remember what show it is - CONSTANT RESETTING NEEDED (even up to last night - gets stuck at the end of a recorded show - sometimes cannot bring up the DVR list (only guide). ECT ECT ECT.... :nono2:

    Anyway - sorry for the rant - I am going Cable and am going to make sure that I cost Dish 20K at least (I'm sure I will I've recommended that much for them until the 921 debacle)
  2. Mark Lamutt

    Mark Lamutt Your Neighborhood Liasion

    Mar 23, 2002
    Duplicate post in new thread. Closing thread.
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