Dish Hit with $280 Million Fine For Do Not Call Violations

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  1. SayWhat?

    SayWhat? Know Nothing

    Jun 6, 2009
    DISH Network Corp. DISH was recently penalized by the U.S. District Judge for the Central Illinois District, Sue Myerscough with a fine-cum-damage recovery cost of $280 million in relation to the eight-year-old 'robocall' telemarketing lawsuit. This is possibly the biggest judgment ever related with such a case.

    The satellite company has been ordered by the district judge to pay $168 million to the U.S. government and $84 million to California, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio for federal law violations. An additional $28 million in fines was awarded to California, North Carolina and Ohio for violations of state law.

    In Mar 2009, the four states and Federal Trade Commission sued DISH Network for allegedly violating the National Do Not Call Registry laws, after the company settled with 46 states. Allegations brought against DISH Network claim that the company has made around 55 million illegitimate calls to National Do-Not-Call registered subscribers."

    DISH Network Penalized with $280M Telemarketing Lawsuit -
  2. SayWhat?

    SayWhat? Know Nothing

    Jun 6, 2009
    There's another thread about NC, but that seems to be a different case.

    With such violations, they should be prohibited from making sales calls entirely.
  3. n0qcu

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    Mar 23, 2002
    Was it actually DISH or was it retailers? If retailers, DISH shouldn't be held responsible.
  4. James Long

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    Apr 17, 2003
    The complaint is against calls made by DISH and on their behalf by telemarketing companies they hired and retailers that they enabled to sell DISH products.

    "The complaint counts relating to the TSR alleged that Dish initiated, or caused a telemarketer to initiate, outbound telephone calls to phone numbers on the DNC Registry, in violation of the TSR, violated the TSR’s prohibition on abandoned calls, and assisted and facilitated telemarketers when it knew, or consciously avoided knowing, that the telemarketer was engaged in violations of the law."
    Press Release: FTC and DOJ Case Results in Historic Decision Awarding $280 Million in Civil Penalties against Dish Network and Strong Injunctive Relief for Do Not Call Violations | Federal Trade Commission

    There is a 475 page "finding of fact" available on the FTC website explaining what happened by who and when. Other court documents are also available.

    Dish Network, L.L.C., United States of America (for the Federal Trade Commission) | Federal Trade Commission
  5. jhsanchez

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    Now if they could just deal with the scammers. This was nothing but low hanging fruit necessary but easy. The scammers will be much more difficult but more appreciated.
  6. mwdxer

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    Oct 30, 2013
    Seaside Oregon
    With the fine, our rates probably will go up.
  7. RBA

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    Apr 14, 2013
    You can always change providers if unhappy with the cost.
  8. crodrules

    crodrules Member

    Nov 21, 2016
    Great, another excuse for Dish to add yet another surcharge in Ohio. :(
  9. mwdxer

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    Oct 30, 2013
    Seaside Oregon
    However, they all go up. Jumping ship is not the option. Some are cutting the cord and going with free OTA and streaming, but there are still channels not available.

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