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Dish Network Customers- Are you missing some of your locals?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Jan 4, 2002.

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    If you are not receiving all of the local channels you should be getting through your Dish then you may be eligible to have a free second dish installed.

    The first thing you do is check the local channels page at the Dish Network web site <a href="http://www.dishnetwork.com/content/programming/locals/index.shtml" target=none>HERE</A>. Click on your city and scroll down to see if there are any channels where a second dish is required. If there are channels listed in that section then call Dish Network at 1-800-333-DISH and schedule an appointment to have the free second dish installed. Even if the channels are locals you may never watch, it's still a smart idea to install the dish. You never know what the future may hold. Plus, it never hurts to get some free equipment.

    I will leave this thread open for any comments or questions. Thanks!
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    Great! The 1 channel I realy wanted and it's on a 2nd dish!!!! Is Dish going to throw ina free 44 switch too? I think that's what I'd need (4 receivers) to merge the 2 dishes together if I did this. If not, I will bitch and moan to them!1
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    Yes they give you the Dish, they give you a SW64 Switch and they install it for FREE just got to call up and request it! No Charge for anything.

    Its a great deal.

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    WHY? do you ask? why? I want to know why?
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    Why, what...? What are you asking?

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    But since there is only 1 active channel (and 2 proposed channels) on the side satellites for the Atlanta Locals. And I don't really care about the active or proposed channels I am not going to bother. Free hardware would be nice, but I figure the cost is coming out of our pockets somehow (Charlie being even cheaper with negotiations or reducing production cost of lets say $3 on each reciever sold by using even less quality parts). So I'm not gonna take advantage of the option.
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    Sounds like a Mark Anthony song. :)

    See ya
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    I don't think I can get 148 sat. from where our current dish is mounted on the side of the house. That means we'd have to either move the first dish to the FRONT of the house or locate the new dish at the FRONT of the house, which there's no way I'm doing. So I might be S.O.L.

    Also, we have a dish set up at a property we occasionally go to every few weeks for a day or two, and we have the dish set up there and just bring a receiver with us. So we won't be able to get these other channels on 148 unless we fork out $hundreds for equipment!!!!!

    DirectTV has all Denver channels on their main satellite don't they? Hmmmmmmm....decisions decisions
  10. Guest

    Ain't that the truth.
  11. Guest

    My install is set for Sunday Jan 20 between 8-12

    They did say that it was free, but they would still be charging taxes if the state required it.

    All in all sounds like a good deal to me :)

  12. Guest

    Chris, I ordered my extra dish on January 4, 2002.

    I have a appointment scheduled for January 8 between Noon and 5pm.

    Just wonder what configuration they will end up with.

    Currently I have a Dish 500 Twin.

    I would definitely like to have the SW64 switch installed or some other configuration that would allow me to expand to 3 or 4 receivers.

    I understand from other posts that they are supposed to give you the SW64 switch but can definitely see installers and dealers doing what ever the cheapest that they can get away with.

    What would be the best configuration. To go to the Quad LNB or the SW64 switch to expand to 3 or 4 receiver capability.

    I understand that some configurations of cascading are no longer practiced with the Quad. but not sure of exactly which ones.
    I heard that the only configuration which the Twin will allow is the SW21 switches.

    What is your recommendations to do. to allow the expansion of 3 to 4 receivers.
  13. Guest

    Snagel, I doubt you'll get a free quad or sw64 out of this. I believe that you can use an sw21 to combine the feeds from the twin and from the single dual LNB on the 2nd dish. I could be wrong, but this would be a whole lot cheaper for the installer to supply than the quad or the sw64. Let us know what you end up with.
  14. Guest

    Dont get a 64, get a quad and cascade, much more reliable.
  15. Guest

    In anticipation that they would require a trade off of equipment I changed my TWin and put on two dual DTV lnb's and used the two SW21 switches brand new that I already had.

    Installer changed both lnb's on the dish 500 to the DISH dual lnb's because the DTV lnb's did not fit real nice, they had to be wired tightly into the Y connector. installed a Dish 300 with a dual lnb, and also installed the SW64 switch.
    3dual lnbs
    300 dish
    SW64 switch free of charge

    He then gave me the DTV lnbs, and SW21 switches as he took them off. He said that he was not supposed to take my equipment. What was mine remains mine.
  16. Guest

    Bob, I don't understand the reason why but the information packet on the sw64 says that the Quad can be installed with the SW64, but that they no longer support the SW21's?

    So in other words you take a perfectly good Quad able to support up to 4 receivers and then add a expensive SW64 switch capable of handling up to 4 receivers just to add 61.5 or 148.

    I don't understand that, just seems to be a big expense that doesn't need to be.
  17. Guest

    Will dish provide the hardware and allow me to install?
    Is there a deadline to take advantage of this offer?
  18. Guest

    So far, Dish will not allow a self install. Don't remember the deadline. I think there are still a few months left.
  19. Guest

    Should I or Shouldn't I ?????

    I have 1 Cleveland local at 61.5, but I can't make up my mind . I really don't like the idea of having 2 dishes in my backyard.I would have to go out and put another pole in the ground next to the one I now have.....last installer did a shabby job and I took his down and used a much more rigid pole (thick walled galvanized conduit), plus it would look better both dishes mounted a the same height.

    Will all locals go to 110 and 119 when the spotbeam satellite goes up?

    Why are most of you peeps doing this, for the channels or free equipment?

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