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  1. tstone1967

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    Oct 23, 2019
    Hi all, I've been reading a number of threads but don't see my specific question.

    Dish came out today and replaced my broken 625 with a new 722k receiver.

    My setup consists of the following TV1 a single tv, TV2 has 3 tvs hooked to it showing the same station in 3 different rooms each with their own 6.4 UHF remote allowing guide and DVR functionality for each room. I was told that the 6.4was compatible with the 722k. After the new receiver has been installed the tech couldn't figure out how to get the extra remotes to program to TV2.

    I recently ran into a similar problem after replacing one of my 6.4's on the 625. In the end the fix turned out to be really simple but doesn't appear to be same for the 722. ("once primary tv2 remote is programmed, press and hold sat till all light up then select same address number showing for tv2 and press # key - repeat for all remaining remotes")

    I'm hoping someone here knows how to accomplish this.



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