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Dish Remote Access and Dish Online driving me insane

Discussion in 'ViP612/622/722/722K DVR Support Forum' started by sremick, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. sremick

    sremick AllStar

    Feb 4, 2008
    I continue to try and function with either Dish Remote Access (DRA) or Dish Online (DO), but am going slowly insane as things don't work as they should. If I just set up a fire-once timer for a movie or something, it's fine. But reoccurring timers and saving lots of episodes of a given show and things start to fall apart.

    Some of my issues:

    1) DO won't let me trigger playing on the TV like DRA will. Only option in DO is to play on the computer. As the web interface is quicker for finding a particular episode amongst many, I prefer to use that a lot of the time.

    2) I have 2 timers that I can't delete. In DRA, I've deleted them and they don't appear, but on DO they appear but don't have a "[x] cancel timer" button and also lack a "timer options" link.

    3) There's one show I've been archiving. I have an external hard drive so I was moving episodes onto there since they're in HD and I have over 100. Problem is, once I did that new episodes kept accumulating on the DVR's HDD and as a result I ended up with tons of duplicates since the DVR is too stupid to check the external HDD to to see if the episode already exists. I now have over 200+ episodes and am trying to clean these up.

    4) I delete some of the episodes I mention in #3 using DO and they disappear for a while and the episode count goes down, but a few minutes later they're back.

    5) I try to delete the same episodes using DRA and they don't even disappear at all even momentarily, but remain.

    6) DRA is useless for dealing with #3 since it only shows 3 episodes at a time, forcing you to page endlessly for 200+ episodes. At least in DO I can expand the show to show all episodes then use my browser to search for other occurrences of the episode's description text (but useless, see #4)

    7) When I search on upcoming ("later") movies in DRA for potentially recording, how comes it includes shows already on my DVR? Considering how many movies I've saved, this is really annoying.

    8) DO has no "later" equivalent like DRA does, making it useless for the task in #7 which I do every few days.

    9) Filtering OUT certain channels/networks when doing a search in DRA doesn't work at all. When I search for movies, I like to filter out channels that edit (read: ruin) the movies and have commercials. I can't, so what should be maybe 2 pages of movies ends up being like 20+.

    10) Same task as #9, but also now porn and "all day ticket" channels also bloat up that list.

    I'm really getting fed up with this stupid thing. If this show was available on Blu-Ray I'd just pay $200+ for the full box set and be done with it, but it's not. Meanwhile I want to shoot my DVR with my .45 Colt or explain in brutal detail to Dish what bodily orifice they can insert it into. I certainly appreciate their effort to provide a remote web interface but can they at least make more than a token effort to ensure these things are useless, buggy messes?

    Any advice?

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