Dish should get YES.

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    I heard Charlie on his horrible chat show talking about YES being too high priced for his customers. Charlie, learn from experience! I live in both the Phillies and Yankees area. I personally know a whole bunch of potential buyers who will not buy a DBS system because Comcast Phillies games are not the DBS. I can't even imagine how many more will drop Dish for cable if the more popular Yankees aren't on this year. This is a big sports area with a ton of transplanted New Yorkers in the Pocono Mountains, and it would be better for all Dish customers across the country if Dish provides the local sports teams for each area. By the way, the cable companies in this area will pick it up even though they are complaining about the high price of the channel.
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    YES will come to Dish Network, I have no doubt of it. Dish is joining the cable companies and is playing with YES to get them to lower their price.

    I have read in varius Cable Magazines that most Cable ops say the channel is to expensive and they want to make it into a premium channel. YES do not want to be a premium channel it wants to be a basic, so I expect them to budge and lower the price to get on systems and satellite where they want to be.

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    I sure hope you are right!
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    I hope YES come to E* great for Yanks fans and great for marketing.
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    Oh Boy it looks like Dish is selling out its customers regarding the yankees Yes channel. Charlie, I just upgrade to the PVR501 on the understanding that Yes would be part of the programming guide. Whats Up? Everyone will just go back to Cable. The Yankees are New York.
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    Cablevision has not signed yet eaither. And they are a major player in New York.

    I do hope we see the YES Network.
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    This jerko had an opportunity to cut into NYC metro area, but he just deferred to DTV. He knows that he gets YES next year anyway when the companies are merged. Of course, he's leaving his loyal customers in the area twisting in the wind. No Yankees for them, and that weasel, Schwimmer, will be explaining it at the next Charlie Chat with that s--- eating grin.
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    Take this for what its worth.....*sigh*
    I just spoke with a Dish CSR about and few things and this was one topic.

    She told me that Dish was getting the Network and that they are in the process of moving programing to a recently launched satellite to clear room for The Y.E.S. network and other programing. She advised that the Dish would probably announce a deal around the 25th. of March. She said that the pre-season games would not be on, but she believed that the network would be up and running by the season opener. If not the latest would be the second week of April. She said that negotiations now are whether the Y.E.S. network would be offered in the "America's top 100" or "America's top 150" .
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    Well that's very interesting, but maybe the Dish Co should inform their customers and potential new customers of their plans to add YES. If that CSR is correct, why not let everyone know. I'm one who wants to see the Yankees and I will leave Dish for DTV or cable just to see the Yankees. I am not a big baseball fan, but I love to watch the Yankees. I watch them every night, but when they are not on, I don't watch any other team. This is why I bought Dish not DTV. They both had the Yankees, so I didn't need any sports package, and I think Dish had a better line-up. (I'm not sure about that anymore, but...)Well, now I'm stuck. I am going to leave DN and buy a DTV system. This is going to cost me some money because that Ergen wants to play "chicken" with Steinbrenner. I'm going shopping this weekend.
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    I wouldn't believe that CSR if I was you. I cancelled my Dish programming two years ago and both the CSR and her supervisor told me on the phone back then that Dish had already acquired the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket and all of the sports packages away from "that inferior service, DirecTV".

    Remember these exact words from Dish's website two years ago:

    "Dish subscribers already get access to 231 NFL preseason and regular season games without the need of a costly sports subscription."
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    I scanned through the YES web site. There is not one mention of negotiations with Dish. Having big time doubts about that CSR's line of crap. If a deal is about to happen, why wouldn't both sides be blowing their own horns.
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    It may it happen, it may not! But both sides will keep a tight lip while negotiating. It's in neither sides best interest to be talking about anything, until there is a signed contract.

    It would really upset you if Dish was suggesting YES, and then it didn't happen.
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    DirecTV also is gaining some customers from its competitor, Dish Network, which restarted negotiations with YES last week.

    "It's pretty simple," said Richard Cole, 47, a title closer who lives in Farmingdale. "I want to watch YES, and after calling Dish a few times and never getting a specific answer, I'm getting DirecTV installed. If Dish had a deal with YES, I wouldn't have switched. Now it's too late. And I actually saved $2 a month because Dish raised rates in January."
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    No. 1 U.S. satellite television service DirecTV, which is owned by General Motors Corp.'s Hughes Electronics Corp., also has a deal with YES. It has no deal with rival satellite firm EchoStar Communications Corp. , although a YES spokesman said the two companies are in negotiations.
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    Cut the crap about negotiations. Just get the damn station like DTV. Ergen can pay it out of his inflated salary, or better yet, take it out of Schwimmer's salary because that man is killing Dish.
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    Maybe you could watch some of the older games on ESPN Classic - oh yeah, it's gone.
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    Mar 23, 2002
    This business of creating more and more RSNs revolving around a single team or group of temams and then demanding ridiculous rights fees is not in the best interest of the consumer.

    No value added to the fan was created by YES. The games were on an existing RSn already. This is simply raising costs anfd those costs are passed on to us as consumers.

    It will not end here. The Orioles are openly jealous of YES and they are apparently exploring setting up an Orioles Network.

    While i hope you get your team I wish the cable and satellite providers had enough backbone to say NO to YES. They don't and we will all pay in the end.
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    Mar 25, 2002
    I am in complete agreement with Geronimo's post. I would like to get the YES network and see Yankee games. But, I think someone has to stand up to the megalomaniacs who want to charge outrageous prices for a fledgling network which is not providing anything we weren't getting before its creation. Do I hope Dish Network add YES at some point? Yes. But if it's not added, those who absolutely need it will migrate to DirecTV and eventually get the price increase associated with it(my belief is an increase will happen after everyone's forgotten about the addition of the channel).
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    What price increase? People in my area are getting it on the total choice package for $31.99 like everyone else in the country gets their RSN for $31.99 with DTV. I don't see a big difference between Dish and Directv programming costs. It's just a few of you who keep saying this over and over about the added cost of YES. All RSNs cost the customer something extra, but I guess all the programming cost money too, and lots of paying customers don't watch all of them. You're just happy to deny some Yankee watcher who happens to have Dish his RSN because you say it costs too much.
  20. Scott Greczkowski

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    Mar 21, 2002

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