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Dish Vs DirectTv vs Cable PICTURE QUALITY

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by DomceDXM1, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. jordanhallmann

    jordanhallmann AllStar

    Apr 22, 2012
    Exactly. They just got Uverse in my area and I went to a friends house and saw that he had Uverse. The worst PQ I have ever seen. I would have taken TWC back.

    When I was in New York, I had Fios for about 3 months. It is the best service you can get. Now that I have DirecTV, Fios definitely has a better PQ than Direct.
  2. RasputinAXP

    RasputinAXP Kwisatz Haderach of Cordcuttery

    Jan 23, 2008
    My in-laws have Cablevision in Ocean County, NJ.

    Their PQ is so bad as to be noticeable to my wife. And then she actually commented on it. That says a lot.

    To me it's positively nauseating that they call their macroblocked channels HD.
  3. Canyouhearme987

    Canyouhearme987 Mentor

    Apr 26, 2011
    I had Comcast here in Atlanta for a few years before I made the switch to Directv 2 years ago. The picture quality is a lot better in both HD and SD.
  4. Davenlr

    Davenlr Geek til I die

    Sep 16, 2006
    You must have had one crappy Comcast system if their SD was worse than DirecTv. Im guessing that was when they still had 98 analog channels hogging space. Its improved dramatically since they got rid of analog channels here.
  5. mirak

    mirak New Member

    Jun 19, 2012
    I just got Time Warner Cable hooked up in the KC area. So far, I've had Surewest (cable), Uverse, back to Surewest, and now over to TWC.

    TWC has the best looking HD of the three. I have not compared to satellite, but the HD sure looks nice on my 64" Samsung d7000 plasma.

    I would say TWC is lightly better than Surewest, and both cable providers are a LOT better than Uverse. There's a lot to like about Uverse, but anybody who says Uverse has great HD either needs to get their eyes checked or just doesn't know what they're missing.

    TWC uses Cisco DVRs. They're fairly basic. The menu is not pretty, and it is a little slow to respond, but it is intuitive and easy to use.

    I'm still on the fence about switching to DirecTV. Over the 2-year contract, the monthly average would be about $15 cheaper than TWC (and, while I'm not locked into a contract with TWC, my price is only locked for 1 year). Also, it appears that my TWC package actually offers more HD channels than DirecTV.

    I think the DirecTV HR34 would be nicer than TWC's Cisco boxes, but I can't say for sure. I hear DirecTV will have better HD, but again, I can't say for sure.
  6. Ira Lacher

    Ira Lacher Icon

    Apr 24, 2002
    Just about every provider offers more HD channels than DirecTV.
  7. dpeters11

    dpeters11 Hall Of Fame

    May 30, 2007
    With cable, that is very dependent on market.
  8. RAD

    RAD Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2002
    I happened to look at a Dish uplink report from today and see that they are now putting 9 HD channels on a transponder on the western arc. This was for Ciel-2 and just looked at TP 17 and 18.

    TP 17 looks like it has Lifetime, Food, HGTV, A&E, MTV, Discovery, TLC, TWC and MGM while TP18 has Comedy, FX, TBS, SPike, Nick, Toon, OWN, CNN and Retro.

    Is 9 HD channels on a TP new or have they been doing it for awhile now? If new how does the PQ look on those channels, just curious?
  9. VolFanLC

    VolFanLC New Member

    Oct 18, 2012
    For what it is worth, I had my 2 year old Panasonic VT25 65" tv professionally calibrated earlier this week and the technician and I got to talking and he saw that I had a Dish Network box so he asked how I liked it. I said it had been fine since I got it two years ago. His reply was that Dish's PQ is not nearly as good as DirecTV's currently (his exact statement was "Dish sucks" I think) and that is coming from a guy that has calibrated TVs for the last 14 years. He said that Dish has fallen behind as far as upgrading certain things that enhance PQ so DirecTV is the best if you truly want the best PQ out there. Just my two cents.
  10. HarryD

    HarryD Icon

    Mar 24, 2002
    I had DirecTV from 1997-1999, DISH from 1999-2001, then back to DirecTV until 2011. I have now been now on RCN cable (Lehigh Valley). Their HD channels are excellent.. and the PQ is 90% of DirecTV... I did this to save some $$. Used to have DirecTV, Verizon phone and RCN Internet... all costing around $200 per mo... Going with RCN bundle deal saves me around $60 a month. I really hated leaving DirecTV... but $$ is $$.
    And I get Showtime and Stars and Fox Soccer w/o spending anything extra...
  11. jal

    jal Icon

    Mar 3, 2005
    I've had TWC since June 2011. Before that, I had Directv from 2006-2011. I had Dish between 97 and 2006. My impression is that hands down, TWC has a far superior SD picture compared to either satellite provider. The HD on TWC is excellent, and I have more HD channels than I had with Directv. I suppose, in the comparision to cable, it really depends on where you live and how updated your cable system may be. If Directv pq on HD is better, it's very difficult to tell, and I make this statement using a 60" Samsung LED.

    With TWC, I don't believe I've had any outages on the TV portion, but have had issues with internet dropping. I use Tivo Premieres. Without them, I'd be frustrated with the TWC Cisco boxes.
  12. shadough

    shadough Icon

    Dec 31, 2006
    In terms of PQ w/ Dish (allthough I have a Directv box, its standard def so can't really compare), I can't really see a difference between Dish's HD locals when compared to the OTA broadcast FROM the locals, on my 42inch Sony w/ built-in digital tuner. It looks the same, course can't really compare ESPN since ESPN isnt an OTA channel :)
  13. Hoosier205

    Hoosier205 Active Member

    Sep 3, 2007
    Cable differs by location and provider. DirecTV obviously beats Dish Network in HD PQ. Dish Network intentionally limits their HD PQ and customers have chosen to ignore it.
  14. RasputinAXP

    RasputinAXP Kwisatz Haderach of Cordcuttery

    Jan 23, 2008
  15. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    Aug 6, 2010
    I can tell you this from MY EXPERIENCE!

    DirecTV looks MUCH BETTER than the cable we have!!!! (OVER COMPRESSED GARBAGE)

    I dont know how Dish looks but i gather it looks like DTV does..
  16. cheetahz

    cheetahz New Member

    Jul 2, 2012
    PQ with Dish and Direct TV pretty much the same. Dish better are some channels Direct on others. Off Air HD is much better then either. Off air looks sharp, with vibrant colors and much more crisp. Then it's not compressed nearly as much. Difference of having your sharpness control set on TV soft to sharp somewhat like a film on screen. I have a 120 inch screen and Dish up converter for SD much better then Direct TV. This becomes important if you watch any OTA channels that are SD like sub channels 47-1 47-2 etc. Sub channels are always SD but then most of the time you don't get those channels on satellite or cable. We have Fibernet cable here which I believe looks as good if not a tad better then Direct TV or Dish but very expensive when you have to have additional HD boxes. OTA still trumps all if you are in area you can receive from antenna. Again this is on a 120 inch screen so on a 60 inch probably never see the difference except for OTA.
  17. electrowiz64

    electrowiz64 New Member

    Mar 15, 2015
    My experience in terms of picture quality:

    Google Fiber (fiber) = if they're in you're area, get it. If they have the throughput, they should have enough for TV too

    Verizon FiOS (fiber) = I know for CERTAINTY this is the way to go (if they're in your area) I heard from a reliable source that they do the LEAST amount of compression to the video. Unfortunately there still is compression due to the networks but god bless fios. My uncle moved from Cablevision here in Sayreville, NJ to FIOS in staten island, NY and comparing the difference with a 2007 Samsung 30 inch 720P and a 2011 Samsung 60 inch 1080P with motionblur. immediately, you saw the difference. The lines were so beautifully sharp. Even my uncle with low vision noticed the difference. Even on the 720P TV you saw the difference. GET IT GET IT GET IT

    DirecTV (satellite) = from word of mouth, this is the best if you can't get either of the two. They're available everywhere and has the best compression to not compromise quality. When I graduate college, this is the service I will get while I live at home for a few years

    Dish network (satellite) = as you guys stated. I have friends who have this service and although his TVs are crap, the service looks really good. better than cable 4sure

    Cable (cable) = AVOID, I have been a cablevision subscriber for years and am frustrated to see pixelation in my TV to this day. avoid

    AT&T UVERSE (IPTV DSL) = Not only do you get the slowest speed possible, the equipment comes in through a phone cable, A PHONE CABLE, so this service is pretty much TV over the internet delivered through DSL internet, of course there will be compression avoid.

    A little clarification over resolutions:
    anything with i stands for interlaced and delivers at 30 frames per second
    anything with p stands for progressive and delivers at 60 frames per second
    The difference is subtle since movies are actually made in 24 frames per second
    TV services & networks WILL NOT broadcast in 1080P because that's double the bandwidth of 1080i. Picture quality's the same, it just wont look as buttery smooth. Idk fully about directv but i heard the 1080P content is delivered through on demand so more to pay :(
  18. ground_pounder

    ground_pounder New Member

    Aug 15, 2014
    satellite looks better and sounds better over any cable system that I have seen. the only times I had problems with loosing service was when it rained so hard that I could not see where I was going. never had any problems in the winters back east. I guess that has something to do with how the dish is pointed as well I hear a lot of horror stories with people loosing service in the winter months
  19. mexican-bum

    mexican-bum "Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Some"

    Feb 25, 2006
    While definitely true a few years ago, according to post here and at AVS forum Fios has really started compressing the picture more the past year due to bandwidth limitations. Some people have both Directv and Fios, most recent post indicate that Directv is now slightly better.

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