Dish: Would you keep the Supers package?

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Nov 11, 2001.

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    For Dish subscribers....

    Dish Network offers a Supers package for $5 which carries two UPN stations and three WB stations. With the possibility of MustCarry occuring in January, would you keep the UPN and WB supers even if the local UPN/WB stations was added to dish?
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    Absolutely yes - I have the supers package even though I already have my local WB and UPN as part of my locals package because the additional times available make timeshifting a lot easier on some nights. Well worth the extra $5 a month to me, even though the PQ leaves something to be desired some of the time.
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    I love the supers and IMO, their worth every penny. If the supers go theres always BEV. I cannot stand Buffalo TV, Iv watched more programming in 2 1/2 years on the supers and Rochester locals then on Buffalo stations. I love watching the news (Now more then ever on WPIX), the sports and time shifting. Iv never even see my UPN affilate.

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    E* does not currently carry my local DMA of Chattanooga TN., however if the merger goes through, if or when it is added and if Supers are still available I will keep them not only because of the timeshifting ability, but also because my local DMA does not have a fulltime UPN. The local FOX affileat here only caries some UPN programing late at night and since at todays rates it would only be $3 more to add all Suppers, it does not make since to just add one UPN 'a la carte'.
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    The Supers are also incredibly Popular North of the Border and they will never disappear here. In fact BEV is now carrying the local Chicago Feed of WGN, while cable still has the National Cable Feed.
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    Sure I'd keep them for the time-shifting of programming alone.

    The kids and wife have to watch 7th Heaven on Monday night. With the supers, I don't have to miss the first hour of Monday Night Football.
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