DishNetwork Is Better than DirecTv?

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by cmg925, Jan 1, 2006.

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    cmg925 New Member

    Jan 1, 2006
    Do you think DishNet is better than DirecTv?

    I do because since we got DishNet 2 years ago our reciever has only gone out once and that was during a really bad snow storm... Even while the one reciever the DVR went out the regular 322 kept its hold on the signal so we were still able to watch tv.. When we had DirecTv it went out all the time.. When it rained/snowed/or the wind blew it would go out.. All the people I know who have DirecTv say the same.. All the people I know who have Dish say that their signal holds strong too.. There are alot more things I like about Dish too... :)
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    busboy789 AllStar

    Oct 25, 2003
    to simply answer your question, no.

    I was a Dish subscriber for 7 years and switched to dtv last week. I consider the equipment that I got (2 r15 dual tuners) to be far superior to what I had with Dish and with what Dish offers. I enjoy the channels that dtv offers that dish does not in their package roughly equal to at120. I like the one dvr fee per account that dtv has. I think that dtv offers me much more value for my money.
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    ColoradoDBS AllStar

    Jul 5, 2005
    I too am starting to lean back towards DirectTV. They cost more, but In the last 3 months Dish has now lost 3 channels that me household watches - OLN for NHL, Lifetime and Lifetime Movies for my wife - all with little or no notice. Dish was also slow to pick up NFL network - so that the preseason games that it offered were over before the channel was available on Dish. Unless you need install labor done, DirectTV offers cheaper upgrade options for existing customers, and I have no faith the Dish will be able to consistantly provide me with the programming I want due to their inability to negotiate with program providers to keep channels on the system. I am also sick of hearing from Mr. Ergan how the channels were pulled "without warning". Is there no one at Echostar who can read the dates on a contract and figure out that is an agreement isn't reached before that date, the channels will be gone?
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    busboy789 AllStar

    Oct 25, 2003
    you know, I used to drink the Dish kool-aid too.

    My bill with Dtv will go stay the same for now. I did have
    at 120 with locals = ~$43
    510 dvr fee = ~$5
    501 extra receiver fee = ~$5
    total ~$53

    I have
    total choice with locals = ~42
    dvr fee = ~$6
    extra receiver fee =~$5
    total = ~$53

    I see an added value from the point of two dual tuner receivers and several channels that I did not have with Dish that we enjoy with Dtv(OLN, FXM, National Geographic, Hallmark, Oxygen, and Discovery Kids.) I also paid for the Dish insurance because of the cost of receiver replacement, to replace either of my dtv receivers it would only cost $100, so I do not carry the dtv insurance. That is added savings for me.
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    johnbelt28 AllStar

    Nov 6, 2004
    I have both services active right now.I can tell you it is no contest D* by a longshot.You can go to bed and wake up and not lose any channels.The reason I have both is I went for the 2 year commitment for the glorified VCR so I'm stuck for a couple of months with E* also.I've had Dish since 97 and Directv since May when they added Setanta Sports.I will give credit to Dish for one thing Sirius is better than XM in my opinion.
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    TechnoCat Legend

    Sep 4, 2005
    People will generally believe whatever they have is the best. It's simple psychology rooted in the evolutionary advantage of not second-guessing ourselves.

    Across three cities in two states, my family (siblings and self) has researched, tried and compared Dish and DirecTV, and all came away considering Dish (E*) to have easily better video quality. DirecTV (D*) though has a wider variety of equipment and less unpleasant customer relations. Then again, Charlie is prickly to everyone. not just customers, and at least I agree with the battles he fights.

    "Better"? They're different. As a customer, I'd prefer DirecTV. As a viewer, I use Dish.
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    cboylan3 Godfather

    Jan 26, 2004
    well everyone is going to have their own personal opinion so this will be difficult to answer. If you are talking products, customer service and picture quility...I honestly don't see a difference. I had DirecTV for 9 - 10 years, and currently have DishNetwork for almost 1 year. I've never had any major issues with D*'s receivers (even though they were not made by D*, they were sony and rca products) and I've never had any major issues with my 522 from Dish. Customer support is a crap shoot with both companies. Sometimes you get ones that are clueless and sometimes you get ones that are helpful. If you had 2tvs, one with D* and one with E*, I would not be able to tell the diff between the two.

    however if you are refering who you would rather do business with, for me thats E*, without hesitation. D* & Rupert's issues are public knowledge and run quite long. I would not give them one cent even if they were the only provider of televison content.

    But if its strickly on content, sevice and product.......flip a coin...they are both the same IMHO
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    netnerdvana Mentor

    Jul 2, 2005
    Is Dish better than DirecTV? No. But some things are good like HD.

    I had the everything pack, HD, Voom, Locals etc with Dish (Monthly bill was something like 150 bucks or so) but cut it back to just the HD pack and CBS-HD. The good ol' customer harrassment department killed off my Dish 522 I had on my account for the exclusive purpose of recording SD shows that my defunct Dish 942 receiver kept skipping. The 942 was freakin awesome back in June when I got it then September rolled around one software release later the pixellation/timer-problems eventually blew the Spouse Acceptance Fuse ... (Missing 3 Oprahs ... its game over).

    Buying a 522 off of ebay as a last ditch effort to save the day with DISH worked for a few days ... then Dish turned off the 522. Sorry kids ... that receiver is ... *BAD*.
    Hey, they could have told me that when I activated it.... anyways... its their show and they run it the way they see fit.

    So its ok with me since I kept the ol directv three LNB and that 300 hour stand alone TIVO rocks next to the recording stupidity of a Dish DVR. Slapped it back up and Im back with DirecTV.

    Im now paying about 40$/month for directv and about 20$ for the HD on the Dish 942. As a customer that has had both and currently has both I would say this:

    1) The Dish customer harrasement team sucks but I really don't care, and I am sure they don't miss my extra $130/month. :)
    2) TIVO Rocks, DISH DVR makes it hard to find shows to watch. (ya just can't search for Movies > Western on Dish can you????)
    3) Dish HD Rocks ... if your HD receiver is working which is iffy with the Dish Software releases. Sorry DirecTV, you would have my HD business if it wasn't for HD lite.
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    Nick Retired, part-time PITA DBSTalk Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    Actually, in my area, Adelphia (Digital+HD) Cable is better than (not then) E* or D* - I got a free HD DVR, 17 HD channels, locals in HD, 28 more movie channels for a total of 70, and I'm saving $30/m to boot!

    I'm a happy cable camper! :icon_da:

  10. Doug Higley

    Doug Higley Legend

    Dec 31, 2005
    SBC makes the difference rather glaring...for Dish.

    Free 1st month then $52.99 for the 180 pkg with locals...Free 625 DVR (they own it so NO cash outlay)...500 Dish for 119 & 110
    3 mths free Premium packages as well as a $50 Visa Gift card.
    So installation was $49 offset by the free 1st month plus the $50 gift card, you're ahead $50 +.
    Since there is NO contract you can dump it at any time and they collect there equipt. (or replace it!)

    So IF you have SBC as your phone provider it's a dunk. Nice too is that the billing is all on the phone bill. So far Customer Service is solid.

    When installed (up high) I noticed that there was no ground wire...immediately came out next day and installed a ground (Roof to water faucet). Both calls so far have been calm and not rushed. We'll see the bottom line tomorrow when a Tech is due to determine why I'm not getting the 110. (grrr)

  11. Jacob S

    Jacob S Hall Of Fame

    Apr 14, 2002
    It seems like DirecTv's Total Choice is a better deal since it has some of the channels that Dish Network's AT180 has but at the AT120's price. I like the dual tuner Dish Network receivers because it saves on additional outlet fees but due to the fact that they want a DVR fee per DVR that pretty well does away with that advantage.
  12. Danny R

    Danny R Goblin the Pug DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jul 5, 2002
    I'm kind of suprised nobody has commented on the original poster's premise that E* has better signal than D*

    This has nothing to do with the various services, and everything to do with how carefully your dish was originally aimed at the individual satelites and what signal strength you get. If everybody you know has the same problems, I'd be willing to bet that your D* installer in the area isn't doing a good job in setting up the dish's. The signals coming from the satellites are all the same strength.
  13. CopyChief

    CopyChief Legend

    Jan 17, 2005
    I'll second the poster who said the Dish/SBC relationship makes the decision a little easier. The customer service is great... and any problems seem to escalate to Dish's higher-level techs pretty quickly. I, too, had initial install problems (no grounding and more) and Dish/SBC sent a team to inspect the situation along with a tech who spent three hours making it right.
  14. Doug Higley

    Doug Higley Legend

    Dec 31, 2005
    Copy Chief...the guy today said that they only ground when asked to. hmmm.
    Said the lightning would only fry the reciever...guess that is NO big deal since it's NOT our recievers and they would be replaced NC...but still odd thinking. I'd say it's the install time goes overboard if they also have to run a ground...

    My 110 problem mentioned above was an LNB going bad (a new one too!)...replaced in a jiffy NC (no charge). Happy Camper.

    Sig strength at 85-87 on both sats. Could be stronger if I could re-angle the stick but can't due to a roof angle...never mind...87 is ok...nice sharp picture.
  15. koji68

    koji68 Icon

    Jun 21, 2004
    I don't know if you can say it's illegal not to ground the system, but it is against the National Electric Code. Probably a misdemeanor as it is must be a local code violation.

    And by the way, that's what probably killed you LNB.
  16. markh

    markh Hall Of Fame

    Mar 24, 2002
    I'd have to disagree with you, Danny. I've had D* for a little over two years and have had more rain fade than I did with E* in the four years I had them. With D* I have a phase III dish with the signals ranging from mid 80s on the weaker transponders to mid 90s on most. The exceptions are local channels which are on a spotbeam, they're 100. I had a Dish 500 with the signal strength as high as I could tweak it. If I remember that was over 100 out of 125 on the signal meter on all transponders.

    Rain fade still isn't much of a problem. It seemed like Dish handled the storms better than DirecTV does. We had to have almost a Biblical deluge to lose signal with Dish and a healthy thunderstorm will make D* fade. The locals do hang in pretty good, though. Maybe D* should change their signal meters to 125 and that would help. Because after all, eleven is louder.;) :D
  17. jfalkingham

    jfalkingham Godfather

    Dec 6, 2005
    Exactly! I have my DirecTV dish on a 6' pole, mounted in the ground in the woods in back of my house pointed to get a little sliver of sky between trees for the 101. We get plenty of snow up here, and I have lost signal (that I know of, I don't watch it 24x7) once, during a huge thunder/lightening/rain storm this past summer. I never lose it during a snow storm, hell we got 60" during a 2 day span last year and we did not lose the signal once.

    We really should be talking the merits of satellite over cable or IPTV, because either way, you are keeping the satellite industry going. We may have a different debate on our hands when Verizon FiOS and AT&T IPTV get more approvals from municipalities to deploy their service. Seeing what they will be doing, helps understand why DirecTV is going so pro MCE, portable video, etc...
  18. pez2002

    pez2002 Hall Of Fame

    Dec 13, 2002
    i like directv because of nfl sunday ticket/xm

    i was with directv for 3 years no problems what so ever
  19. videobruce

    videobruce Legend

    Aug 12, 2004
    Services and reliability aside, has anyone that has or had both notice any difference in the PQ on either? IOW's, do they both look like compressed smear?
  20. Nick

    Nick Retired, part-time PITA DBSTalk Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    I had E* for five years, from 2000 - 2005. Within the last three years, I noticed that compression on E* improved to the extent that, depending on the quality of the original source content, picture quality had improved noticeably, with PQ on locals being remarkably improved, and the PQ on QVC, my "benchmark" channel for PQ, being the very best.

    If you have observed so-called "smear" in recent times, it could well be attributable to the quality of the source program, not the degree of compression dialed in by EchoStar engineers.
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