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Dishplayer has been possessed

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Jan 24, 2002.

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    Monday evening while watching a pre recorded event, my dishplayer became possessed. It changed to channel 666. I got the remote and went to PTV. Selected what I had been watching and started it. It changed back to channel 666.
    I tried unplugging it, pulling the smart card, running the switch test and the guide reset code. Nothing worked, finally gave up as it was getting late. Tuesday, I worked late so I didn't have time to call Dish about the problem but it still would not do anyting except channel 666.
    It appears that whatever part of the software receives the IR had got stuck thinking it was continuously receiving a 6.
    Tuesday night, I checked and it was still all 6s. I was going to go into the settings and when I went to enter the password the box filled up on its own. I'm sure it was all 6s. Wednesday when I came home, I turned it on and it was back to normal except all my timer events are gone.
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    Wierd. Is it possible that the 6 key on the remote or keyboard was stuck. One time I had the corner of a magazine on the keyboard and the DP kept thumping at me. Took me a little while to figure it out.

    At any rate, if your DP starts acting up again, try a new software download using the Jenny code (8675309). I find that it works fairly well for clearing wierd problems that have nothing to do with a faulty guide.
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