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Dishplayer screwed up again this morning

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Dec 12, 2001.

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    Every morning I have a news program set to record at 5AM. This morning it didn't record and all of the timers are jumbled (out of order). Looks like the bug strikes again.
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    For me it screwed up last night. Yesterday I had scheduled Enterprise to record. Normally my drive is empty but I did have a supposed 1 minute recording on the drive. It was actually a manual recording of the last hour of Monday nights Raw.

    Anyway I get home last night hoping to enjoy this weeks episode of Enterprise to find that it didn't record at all.

    "Hoping" is the right word too because one never knows when the unit is just not going to record a program. Also I tend to have more problems recording off of the superstations than any other. It has repeatedly screwed me on recording my favorite vampire slayer and has shafted me more than once on Enterprise 8-( J
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    I feel your pain. Luckily, Enterprise was a rerun last night so hopefully you had already seen it. As far as shows never recording, it happens to me quite often. I have been in contact with Charlie's office many times this week (and they actually call me!) giving them a run down on what bugs have been experienced since the last upgrade. They are passing the bug list directly to the engineers. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will see more software updates but I'm not holding my breath. The DirecTivo or the Replay is still on my shopping list but I'm not quite ready to take that plunge yet.
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    I also had problems with my DP during the 12-13-01 3AM EPG download. I decided to check the DP's download progress, at about 3:05 AM. It had the Multi-Switch problem screen on. I tried to do the check switch test. As I clicked the check switch button, the DP rebooted itself & came back on with the TV home & the channel that it had been on.

    At about 3:07 I started to get the scrolling message that it was going to do the 3AM download, which it did do, finishing a little later than usual.

    A funny thing happened later on in the day. Everytime I went to my recents channels I would have one less Channel showing where the six little TV screens should be. As an experiment, I switched back, & forth between the channel I was watching & recents. I did this until the recents screen was blank with just the sound of the channel I was on playing in the background. The only way to get he picture back was to shut the DP off, & then on.

    This still did not fix the recents problem. I had to do the 32768 reset to fix that problem. I wonder if we have a new Bug rearing it's ugly
    head? In the more than two years as a DP owner I have never had this one happen. Lew :)
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    Okay, this morning one of my DP's screwed up again. Woke up with the Multi-Dish switch error. Started the switch check and during the guide download it stopped when it reached the end of the bar. Had to turn it off and back on again. Came back up but only a 6 day guide remains.

    Just thought I would get this on record in case Dish is reading this.
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    Okay, December 18th. Happened again. News program did not record at 5AM. While watching live broadcasts the screen would blink out and never come back until I hit one of the scan buttons. Did a switch test and new guide map download. Everything seems okay. This is getting really old.
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    I've only had that happen to me once, and that was a night that I forgot to turn my 7200 off.
    Wonder if anyone else has noticed this anomoly? It seems like I don't have any problems since the last update as long as I remember to turn my rec. off at night.
    I have an updated HD (80gb) and have now stored 32 items and over 60 hrs with no erasures, but still get powered off occasionly.
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    Hi Jim. I wish my unit were working as well as yours. Yesterday before work I scheduled two programs to record upon an empty drive. My favorite vampire killer and a certain alien program that followed it.

    I got home last night and upon accessing the recorded programs list found that each were 1 minute recordings.

    Bottom line? When I pay ten bucks a month to these "people" for a service and the service doesn't deliver then they need to do one of two things or both. Refund on my monthly bill and or an upgrade path to a comparable product. I'm way past tired of wondering if when I get home this POS has done what I programmed it to do. J
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    Over the past two days....

    Two power-offs and a PSOD.

    Both power-offs while scrolling through the EPG. PSOD while changing channels.

    Starting to sound like a goulish version of the 12 Days of a DP Christmas.....lemme guess next is...three missed recordings, two power-offs, and a PSOD :cool: J
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