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DishPlayer Software Information (including 5709 fixes)

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Nov 16, 2001.

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    Here are the MAJOR bug fixes in the DishPlayer Client release 5709 that started spooling on 11/13/01:

    * Fix for large hard drives that caused loss of all recordings.

    * Fix for speed of PTV (DVR) controls.

    * Fix for hard drive grinding problem (excessive disk activity).

    * Fix for the "getting TV information" (EPG fetch) problem.

    The problems that some people are having with their DishPlayers is NOT related to the 5709 release. There is a bug in the DishPlayer's software (it has been there quite a while) that causes spurious reboots; it also is responable for the box "just going away" and failing to record programs. Microsoft and Echostar are working on this problem and one of the Microsoft programmers spent a couple of days at Echostar this week on the emulator zeroing in on (they think) the problem. They feel that if they can get this bug fixed MOST of the problems that the DishPlayer owners are seeing will go away. Why some people see problems and others don't is still a mystery (both of my DishPlayer have been very stable since I got 5709 and all recording timers have recorded correctly).

    The next DishPlayer Client software release is presently in negotiations between Microsoft and Echostar. Depending on what Echostar wants (new features), and how long it takes to program and test them will determine on when it will be released. One thing that is suppose to be in the next release is the re-branding from Web-TV to MSN-TV.

    Bill R
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    That's great information. Thanks Bill.
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