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Dishplayer Upgrade Tonight!

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Oct 30, 2001.

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    Tonight we will get the long awaited "Emergency Fix" for our Dishplayer units. The software will begin spooling at 3am Eastern and all Dishplayer units which are hooked up and plugged in should get the new software tonight.

    The software version will be 5709 and will only correct many of the bugs that we got from the last software "upgrade" there will be NO ADDITIONAL NEW FEATURES in this software version.

    I am told that there should be another new software release at the end of December or early January that will upgrade all screen to show MSNTV instead of WebTV, there will also be a few additions such as the ability to lock a show so that it won't get deleted untill you are ready to delete it. There is also rumers that there will be a fix in the software that will better support larger hard drives, also mentioned was the ability to Display approx how much additional recording time your hard drive has left. On the MSNTV side of things it appears this version may get the long awaited Windows Media Player update (which other WebTV plus boxes have had for a LONG time) No word if this new Media player will support RealAudio G2.

    The word of tonights update is official according to Dish Networks Website. See this URL for more details. www.dishnetwork.com/conte...ndex.shtml

    So lets hope tonights update is not a trick but is indeed a treat.

    Happy Halloween to all!

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    Will this fix the blinkouts? If not, I'm MAD! If so, I'm VERY happy:)
  3. Guest

    That is great news! Looking forward to the update.
  4. Guest

    jbuff posted in a.d.e that this upgrade was cancelled at the last second because "problems" came up. He could not be more descriptive and protect his source. So it's not happeing tonight.

    See ya
  5. Guest

    Trick or treat! Looks like the trick is on us. Count this thread as YATANCDPU

    (Yet Another Thread About A Never Coming DishPlayer Upgrade) ;)
  6. Guest

    I woke up to mine being stuck in the screensaver.

    After powering off I did an option 711 to see that my next scheduled download is Wednesday, October 31st at 3am -0500 which already went by.

    It does not even look like I got a 7 days guide last.

  7. Guest

    Well here we are on Monday before the next Charlie Chat. Any chance of the fix coming tonight?
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