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Dishplayer Wierdness

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Dec 17, 2001.

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    Yesterday I came home from CHristmas Shopping to find a problem with my Dishplayer. (When I left in the morning everything was OK)

    When I got home it told me that the Smartcard was not inserted correctly. I thought this was wierd but I have cats and they may have been in back of the Dishplayer and kicked it loose or something. So I reached behind my Dishplayer to find the smartcard firmly inserted. I then pulled it out and placed it back in which caused my Dishplayer to reboot.

    After the unit rebooted it said it needed to Dial WebTV for a software update. I didn't know what it was doing so I let it do its thing. It took 45 minutes to download the 68 part file.

    After the download was complete and the upgrade was done I was told that my new software features manual timers, MSN chat and something else (I knew I just downloaded the OLD software) After this was done I went to watch TV and was told there was an update available for my software and that it would take 2 minutes to install it. I hit the OK button and it did its own thing.

    When the unit came back on it was at the Signal Strength meter, I did a Check switch and then it did the 5 min guide download. When this was complete something was wierd it only had the channels which were free listed in the guide, Channel 100, 101, the Christmas CD Audio Channel and channel 9400. Something was not right. I turned the unit off and did a 32768 to reset it.

    When it came up it again was at the Signal Strength Screen, again did check switch then did the guide download. When the guide download was complete it still wasnt correct as now in the guide I had every channel available to me (not unscrambled) But I could tune to any channel from 1 to 32698! (I was like I had the hidden channel guide opened up to me!) While it was neat seeing all the hidden stuff (such as all the new channels in the 8000's) my wife didnt like it. So turned the unit off and did the 32768 again... Checked switch got the guide download, when everything was done the guide was correct, I thought I fixed it finally!

    WRONG - Ever station I turned it to was the Game Show Network no matter what channel I turned it to! It was wierd the banner would pop up on the screen showing me that I changed the channel but still I was seeing GSN. This time I got mad and unplugged the Dishplayer from the wall. After 3 minutes or so I plugged it back in and boom, everything was working normally again!

    We then went to watch a show we recorded on the PTV to find all of our PTV shows were erased. Arggg......

    But at least we can watch TV again.

    Anyone elses Dishplayer flip out yesterday?
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    Yikes! What a day with your Dishplayer. Something really got screwed up if you had to re-downloaded the software. Sounds like the DP did a Jenny code for no reason.

    Mine didn't flip out at all yesterday. I would guess that you had an isolated DP "Freak Out". Makes you wonder how many calls a day Dish has to handle when people have problems like that.
  3. Guest

    How many calls does the DP generate?

    Thats one of the reasons E should offer a pgrade path, just to get the bug ridden #@%$# out of the system. It could ultimately save money, while fixing a black eye.

    Since they will give away millions of new boxes to D subs why not replace under a 100,000 flakey DPs? That cost tons to support?
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