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Dishplayers, trade it in, keep it, burn it ?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 14, 2002.

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    Are you dishplayer people going to keep it ?
    Wait on a fix ?
    Call Dish about a trade in ?
    Burn it and tell dish to kiss your *** ?
    Must be frustrating, The whole family has to deal with the bugs.
    With it being buggy has Dish offered anything as far as deals to you peeps? Cheap upgrades ?
    Or is it buggy like the some 501's and your dealing with it ?
    Maybe some aren't having trouble at all ?
  2. Guest

    Sell it on E-Bay like I did for $150, and buy something else more reliable.
  3. Guest

    Hey Gene, Welcome to DBSTalk !! :)

    Did you replace it with another receiver ?
  4. Guest

    Yup, I went for that $199 promo and bought a 501. Accually it was $213 for non CC autopay. I love this unit. no more no info,check switch,option 7225000,option 32768 every morning. good riddens to my dishplayer!
  5. Guest

    Has your 501 been stable for ya, any problems? I have one, its been a pretty good IRD/PVR. :)
  6. Guest

    I absolutly love it. I had the free 3 months of PTV with my dishplayer, but after that I couldn't see paying $9.95 a month for what most people were getting for 3 year's. and then they came out with the 501 with free PTV.

    Well now I have that back with even more storage space. 35 hour's compared to 12. So far so good. The only problem's I came across is my hard drive click's a little bit not as bad as that whining dishplayer.

    I received a signal loss on a recording, but it was breif, and it still recorded(BTW) it was a clear night that night. don't know what happend.

    I don't find myself saying "I missed that movie again" I like watching movies from the beginning. Each night when I go to bed I scan for movies to record while I'm sleeping.

    I basically bought it for the pause. I have the unit down in my basement("Man Town") (lol) When I go upstairs I can pause and get something to eat ect...

    I don't want to think of it as a video library though. Seeing that people have lost there recoding's. I don't want to get my hopes up. What a lot of people don't understand is this pvr technology is still new to echostar. It will get better.

    Just like anything else it just get's better with age. For what it's worth this 501 is not all that bad. If something goes wrong and all I have to do is hold the power button in for 5 seconds. It's better than doing option's codes for 20 minutes.
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    Hopefully it will remain stable, so far so good for me. :)

    Lets hope Microsoft and E* can work through this dishplayer issue. :)
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    like all computers, the 501 needs to be restarted every so often... I perform a power button reset about once a month, and I have no problems.
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    Due to my wife's complaints about crashes and shows not recorded, I switched to DirecTV and sold my DP on EBay. It was much cheaper upgrade than spending $190 on 501. And since I sold the DP on Ebay, the cost of upgrade to better PVR is zero for me. Also DirecTivo is giving much more for the bucks. Thought the biggest complaint I have about Tivo is only 30Min pause, if I want to leave for longer time, I have to hit the record button. Other than that Tivo with dual tuner is IMHO superior to the 501. Because we were paying the 9.95 fee for the DP PVR functions, the Tivo fee is not an issue that much.
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