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Does Matts invention still work. SL3/phase III no numbers from high def birds HELP!!

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by spiker59, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. spiker59

    spiker59 New Member

    Sep 10, 2010
    I've got an SL3/phase III experimental tailgate dish that I have used for over 2 years, with great results. Just got a new HD reciever H24 200 for the tailgate dish. I can no longer see any signals on the 99 and 103. Get 90s on the 101, but cant tune in the High Def Birds. Did Directv change the Satalites? Missing the Red Zone Channel on Sundays. Whats Going on please help.

  2. JosephB

    JosephB Icon

    Nov 14, 2005
    Birmingham, AL
    If DirecTV changed the satellites, you'd know, and they wouldn't do it overnight. It would take quite a while to repoint or replace 15 million dishes.
  3. carl6

    carl6 Moderator Staff Member DBSTalk Club

    Nov 15, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    No changes to the satellites. Does the H24 require b-band adapters? That might be your problem. Otherwise it would be dish aiming or LNB failure.
  4. HoTat2

    HoTat2 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 16, 2005
    Yes, the H24 requires a B-Band Converter when operated in legacy mode.
  5. spiker59

    spiker59 New Member

    Sep 10, 2010
    PROBLEM SOLVED STILL AN AWESOME DISH. hooked up old hd reciever and tuned all in. New Reciever will not pick up 99 or 103. Unable to get these birds even when hookup to home system slimline 5 regular dish. Apparantly reciever has a problem, will call directv tech support and get replacement. Thought the problem might be lnb but definately not now. Will watch redzone channel at tailgate tomorrow!!
  6. CCarncross

    CCarncross Hall Of Fame

    Jul 19, 2005
    Force a software update...I believe that may be your issue. If you just got it new it may not have the right firmware.
  7. spiker59

    spiker59 New Member

    Sep 10, 2010
    You were right guys, The issue is the need of B-Band Converters, thanks for help.

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