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dolby digital optical output (DRD480RE) rca

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by -, Feb 13, 2002.

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    i was so annoyed with the new thomson/rca 'RG' boxes, the guide system scrolling and other issues ,i took my drd485rg out of service and re-activated my rca drd480RE box. both of these units have dolby digital(so thumpson claims}.i had the dolby digital working fine with my drd 485RG box using a monster toslink optical cable. Looking at the back of the drd480RE it seemed to be the same optical jack. but the cable probe didnt seem to fit in so i made the mistake and forced it, breaking the fragile plastic probe were the red glow shows. the monster cable still manages to make cotact with the optical jack, i then check the other end that goes into the amp and IT IS GLOWING RED! QUESTION,will this cable still produce sound ? even when i set up the new drd485 RG,and the monster cable was brand new,i still had problems and played with it for 4 days and it then worked. so again the question is will these toslink optical cables work with out the probe, as long as the red light is glowing at the end? I WOULD STRONG RECOMEND PEOPLE THINK TWICE ABOUT BUYING THOMSON. I PURCHASED A RCA RCU810 GLOW REMOTE AND THAT DONT WORK EITHER,not enough ram in the unit,but it controls rca tv and dss recievers fine by default and it looks great in the dark, backlite blue, so i might keep it any way.
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    Dunno about the new receivers, but on the RCU810 remote. You need to buy the RCU810 B. This newer version supposedly adds more memory. You can easily tell the difference, as the old 810 is packaged in a clear hard plastic shell and the new 810B's are packaged in a box, with a hinged/velcro'd front flap.
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    lol i dont think im gona cheerfully and obiedently fork over another $50-$100 for another thongson defective remote. dont you relize what they are doing, they are releasing these products with poor quality parts and known defects. they feel,well 50% of the buying public wont even notice. 25% of the consumers will notice but wont bother sending it back. and the other 25% of the public will mail it back to them and we will simply send out a replacment.This is criminal,and they are getting away with it.how about the dolby digital optical jack i mentioned,the fiber optic cable wont even fit in ! as far as the remote you mentioned,the RCA RCU810 B ???????????i did a google search,there is no such item. i called rca/thongson at 1(317)415-4912 and they never heard of it, and this rca rcu810 B is not listed at www.rca.com either. let me make this clear, i like dtv, i am a sub.but i am not at all impressed with it.while the picture quality is good, they are ,mearly a signal provider with a very limited data stream and capabilites. while they can beam dowm powerful upgrades and what ever to your home, they rarely do.reason probobly being that they lack the technical personal and know how and hardware. DTV is a good picture, but the subs pay high for it and get little but that picture in return.in thers words, im not thrilled or impressed !!!!
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    Why do you keep refering to it as "defective"? In your first post you said it didn't have enough memory for your needs, but said it worked ok otherwise. Just because it doesn't have enough memory for your needs doesn't mean it's defective.

    Anyway, the model # is RCU810B (without the space... these boards put the space in when I used the "bold" tag). Search for that model and you will find it. Best Buy sells the "B" model, whereas Circuit City still sells the original.

    Here is the ORIGINAL RCU810 at BestBuy.com: www.bestbuy.com/detail.as...2&scat=848 Notice you cannot buy it at the stores or online.

    Now here is the RCU810B model: www.bestbuy.com/Detail.as...e=11072510 Notice you CAN buy this one online or in stores. They both look the same but the "B" has more memory.
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    hehe ok ok thanks for the link. Thomson claims both remotes are the same but i think you 'might' be right, we shall see.and as far as my needs, i just wanted to program a vcr or dvd player that was on the list, i didnt even have enough RAM to that and it wont even keep time with nothing programed in it at all except the defaults wich require NO programing on my part since the tv and dss are both RCA.the store will take it back and ill get the B at best buys.
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    my monster fiber optic cable dont seem to fit in the fiber optic jack on the dss reviever.strange,thomson says they have(a special size) that will fit.i was under the impression there was only one universal size of toslink fiber optic cables.
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    as far as the dolby digital toslink, that problem has been SOLVED! it would of been nice of monster cable to warn people to take off the little plastic cover on the probe however no complaints, my expensive cable is working fine and sounds great !.I`m willing to pay high prices for quality as long as the item does what it should and not give me to much problem, monster cable is wonderful !! but on the contrary, Thomson/rca universal remote both rcu810 & RCU 810 B both are terrible and a piece of JUNK !!!! i cant believe the crap thumpson is putting on the market. the 810 B is actually worse than the 810 . the philips pronto remote looks good but the one that can download Directv touch screen LOGOS is about $600 or more and i`m not willing to `fork` over that much. this is what you call the great consumer rip off folks! the rca rcu 810 B remote obviously was returned today to best buys for another FAST refund ,may b thumpson will get it right with the rca rcu 810 C model,but i doubt it lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The $600 version of the pronto remote is the color version. There are 2 other version of the pronto - both 4 color black and white, one with 1mb of memory, the other with 2 mb of memory. They run for about $125 for the 1mb version, and $200 or so for the 2mb version.
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