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Discussion in 'DIRECTV - Coax Networking (private)' started by Doug Brott, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Interesting thing happened on the way to breaking the rules .. It may turn out to be a bad idea to cross the streams.

    Here's my topology:
    SWM is all DECA connected with passthrough on HR21-200 to the LAN as shown


    I started the following recordings:
    (Streaming in direction of arrow)

    HR20-700(WB68) --> HR23-700
    HR23-700 --> HR21-200
    HR21-200 --> HR20-700(WB68)

    With 3 of the receivers streaming, the 4th box HR20-700(SWM) could barely hold a torch. two resets and it couldn't even connect to the Internet although it showed local area IP number. I could not get the local playlist to show up on the HR20-700(SWM).

    I stopped all of the playbacks, left everything alone for a while, then came back to the "bad" HR20-700 and it then connected to the Internet fine. I'll spend some quality time testing on Saturday (after new CE) as I will have free access to all receivers.

    My initial observation, though is that crossing the streams could prove problematic, especially piping 3 streams through the HR21-200 internal Ehternet switch.

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  2. Sixto

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    Nov 18, 2005
    Doug, in the network testing this afternoon, with the old tool (NetCPS), it was slightly less performance when going through port#2 rather then a network DECA, but I do need to re-create all of the scenario's now with the iPERF tool.

    Also, as seen from the tests in the other thread, there are some instances where the DECA cloud is significantly less performance then straight Ethernet, but was going to assume that the HR2x is tuned to optimize the DECA.

    Lots more testing to do ...

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