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DP 7225000 vs 32768

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Jan 17, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    Which one is "better " in the era of expanded locals blues?

    Which one fixes problems?

    Which one has fewer side effects?

    Which one makes you curse less?

    I posted about the same question in the other place.
  2. Guest

    I have found that most problems are caused by a corrupt guide so usually the 7225000 does the trick. However, I have also found that the DP is almost like Windows. Every once in a while you have to erase the hard drive and do a clean install. The code 8675309 is the one to use in that case.

    I have tried 32768 a few times but discovered it really doesn't do much and if I'm going go that far, I might as well do the 8675309. IMHO
  3. Feb 4, 2002 #3 of 15


    Every once in a while you have to erase the hard drive and do a clean install. The code 8675309 is the one to use in that case.

    cblount ?

    Are you saying that using the 8675309 code, wipes out the HD, which will loose your timers, recordings, favorites, and will have to download the web tv base software via phone?

    Later Rod
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    Basically yes. It starts you off from scratch just like when you install a new hard drive.
  5. Guest

    Actually, it didn't always erase your recordings. When the v5709 upgrade came along, they did not install it onto the WebTV servers. Instead, when the DP completes the telephone download and installs, it is installing v5613, which does not understand the v5709 filesystem changes and dumps all of your recordings and rebuilds a v5613 filesystem.

    When that completes, the DP immediately downloads v5709 again from the satellite, but your recordings are still gone.

  6. Guest

    Forgive me jbuff but what is the icon you have posted next to your name? I can't quite make it out.
  7. Guest

    Is it good to erase the Hard drive once in awhile? If so why , and what will I have to reload ie. Favs etc.? That number sounds like a song from the 60's. or was that beechwood 45789?
  8. Guest

    It is a drawing of me at my monitor. Unfortuneately, it did not reduce well. See the full size cartoon at www.echostaruser.org/euo

  9. Guest

    Actually it's affectionately called the "Jenny Code". It's in a song from the 80's.
  10. Guest

    You know I heard that song at a "pizzeria Uno" the other night and started to laugh. Everyone thought I was crazy. And maybe I am.
  11. Guest

    What is a good reason or time to enable this code? And what should one expect to see after the code is done? Thanks. ....Dave.....
  12. Guest

    IMHO, A good time to enable the code is when you have un-explained problems with your DP. What you do is you check with these forums first to see if anyone else is having the same types of problems you are having at the same time. If you see that everyone else is running smoothly, the next step would be to try a 7225000 which would download a new guide. If that doesn't help then a 32768 would be in order.

    If you are still having problems, an 8675309 would be the last resort but only if, through trial and error, the other codes don't work over a period of a few days. Remeber that the "Jenny" code erases everything from the hard drive and starts you off from scratch just like when you first turned on the DP. All of your settings, timers and recordings will be gone.

    The good news is you shouldn't have to call Dish and re-hit the receiver with your subscription info. The smart card should do that for you.

    The previous procedure is only what I have found through my findings with the DP. Your mileage may vary.
  13. Guest

    Thank you, I have had very little problems with my Dishplayer 7100 ( 3 years old ), so I am not willing to just punch in code unless I may have good reason! Thanks Again ..Dave...
  14. Guest

    And again try a simple switch check or playing a game. All of these codes are destructive in some way. 7225000 downloads a 44 hour guide. 32768 erases locks, passwords, channels that don't displat etc.

    And the Jenny code pretty much takes you back to square one!
  15. Guest

    You are right about that Geronimo. I forgot to include the switch test. That would come before doing the 7225000.
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