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DP Guide Download Time

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 15, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    I ahve been hearing confliciting stories on when the guide downloads. I realize it may vary by time zone and other variables.

    I live in the Eastern time Zone and get it at 3 AM. Any other reports?

    BTW this is just curiosity.
  2. Guest

    Mine always comes down at 3AM in the central time zone. I do have a theory though. All night long every hour, the hard drives on both of my DP's spin up and then spin right back down again. It's as if Dish is checking to see if a current guide is on the hard drive. If it's before 3AM, it waites until 3AM to download. If it's after 3AM, it reads a current guide and does not download. If this is the case, then everyone should be getting their guide at 3AM no matter which time zone they are in.

    Just my theory though.
  3. Guest

    Assuming your system is working, it will download at 3AM in the time zone your service address is (this will usually be your house, and therefore, your time zone)
  4. Guest

    Thanks some people in certain time zones claim it happens at other times
  5. Guest

    Are they by any chance lying about their service address to get locals from another town?
  6. Guest

    Could be Mr. Bear. But some claim that in the Pacific zone in particular it happens at 2 AM. I do not know. Just curious.
  7. Guest

    I'm in the Pacific Time Zone and once daylight savings time ended it changed from 3 AM to 2 AM, which is annoying as I'm often still up at 2, but often asleep by 3 AM.
  8. Guest

    OK So 3 Am everywhere but in the west right?
  9. Guest

    I live in the west, Wa., and I get
    the TV guide at various times.
    Sometimes after 1, 2am and 3am.
    Never know when to expect it, real
    bummer!!!! Jim
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