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DP remotes

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Nov 17, 2001.

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    My DP remote got something spilled in it so I called E and had them replace the remote. I have the system warranty. They sent me a old style non PTV remote by mistake. I was surprised any of those were still around. They mentioned few DP remotes ever fail, and that appears to be true. Too bad the box isnt as reliable as the remote....
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    The problem with my Dishplayer remote is the paint came off of all of the number keys.

    I replaced it with a Radio Shack 15-1994. It works well but I ran out of memory about two functions short.

    I am concerned about the 501 remote. It looks like the paint may not last to long and it does not seem to be very heavy duty.

    I really like the feel and durability of the 15-1994.

    BTW - I have had zero problems with my Dishplayer since the last update.
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    Is there a way to nag Dish to send you a PTV remote. Try some CSR roulette and see what happens.


    A good way to keep the numbers from rubbing off the remote and to keep it brand new is to wrap the remote in a plastic freezer bag. The remote will still work and remain in tip top shape.

    What I do is place the remote in the bottom of the bag then cut off the excess plastic and carefully wrap it around the back and tape it shut using packing tape.
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    I gave them the part number off the PTV remote and am awaiting its arrval. I am surprised they still have any non ptv remotes around.
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