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DSL Question...

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Mar 9, 2002.

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    Had some DSL problems today, and wondering about something.

    Had no DSL access from 9am to 7pm today. The DSL light was out for at least 3 hours so I assume Bell South was doing some work. Well I was tinkering when the connection went up (was trying to logon for several minutes before it went up so knew exactly when it went up. My average download time according to DSL reports and others was 256K, with the periodic 512K. But the testing I just did gave me 1024K to 1280K. I'm wondering if there was some upgrading going on, I would galdly forget the day of no access for this kind of upgrade. But then I thought that I was probably just one of the few people connecting at that moment (I'm sure most people had given up and figured it would work tomorrow). I will continue to test it to see.

    What do you guys think, was there maybe an upgrade or was it just some extra long down time and no one else was on the system???

    And to piss me off just a little bit. I'm using a DSL router and Earthlink says they won't support it, which is fine. But they would not call Bell South to do a line check unless I did 3 steps, one of which was use their terrible SW. I tried to explain to them that if the tech has determined the modem is working but the DSL light was out for several hours a call to Bell South to check was not out of the question. But they would not take the next step without installing that crap SW. I can live with them not giving me end user tech support because of the DSL router, but them not willing to make a line call check is being beyond bereaucratic. And Bell South will not accept a direct call from me to see if the line is being worked on or is damaged for the DSL, only if the Phone line is not working will they accept a direct call. Argh!!!
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    I'm going to speculate, its because there weren't many people online. Let us know what you find. :)
    What are you averaging normally going up ?

    I'm still thinking about getting ADSL.
    I talked with Covad yesterday regarding ADSL, there pricey.
    I could with them get out of the contract after 30 days.

    Earthlink wants a 1 year obligation, and they are cheaper.
  3. Guest

    It sounds like they had congestion/backbone issues on the other side of their DSLAM. The equipment I work on is for a different type of service (frame relay), but the premise is the same... if you are upgrading software, you don't change the customer information... just the os.

    That is unless they were doing a forklift upgrade of some equipment... that would take reconfiguration.

    Bellsouth is awful to deal with. I have to deal with them sometimes daily, and it is never fun, nor productive.
  4. Guest

    I'm kinda surprised, since I deal with a DSL call a month. Usually, the diagnosis is a check of settings and the pinging of the lookback, lan, and wan addresses.
  5. Guest

    before speaking to someone at support. And the e-mail told me to go and open up the Bell SOuth junction box and connect the modem directly to the box and see if the DSL light worked from there...

    Talk about a disparity of answers. Only problem is at 45 minutes on hold per call (they say 15 minutes, but that is never true) it is hard to play CSR roulette. :(

    But it is working now :D
  6. Guest

    WHatever they call the box that sits on the side of the house where the Bell South cable goes into the house.
  7. Guest

    And the slowest speed was one test 512k, with the average being 1024k and the highest (but not the only) being 1280k. So I assume the down time was some sort of hardware upgrades.
  8. Guest

    The junction box is what the industry calls a demarc... short for demarcation point. They have you plug equipment in there to make sure your inside wiring isn't flaky.
  9. Guest

    to do internal testing (especially since I pay that service fee to cover internal wiring).

    It is no longer an issue, but since Earthlink won't talk to Bell South unless I jump thru hoops and Bell South won't take a direct look at anything DSL related without first contact from Earthlink, it would be a catch-22. I guess if that ever became an issue, an outright LIE would be the only way to get help directly from BellSouth. :-}
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