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    Oct 17, 2013
    I don't know where else to post this so I will start here. I am having problems with the ESPN App on an Amazon Fire Stick. I can access ESPN+ content but not ESPN3 content because I get an error that I don't have access to that content. When I logout of account info and log back in, I choose DTV as my provider but I get a white screen and then am bounced right back to the provider login page. I am able to get content to work on ESPN's web site and through the Roku (i.e., those devices take the DTV provider login), but not through the Fire Stick. This leads me to believe that there is a bug in the ESPN Fire App, but ESPN says that is not the case since I'm the only call about this and I should call DTV. Of course, I know what will happen when I call DTV: they will blame it on ESPN or Amazon. I found some other posts about this exact same problem from a few years back on the ATT forum but no solutions.

    Has anyone encountered this problem before/encountering this problem now and know how to solve problem? I logged out of the account, delete the app, added the app again, tried to log back in (which works for the ESPN+ account but not the ESPN3 content via DTV).
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    Nov 19, 2010
    I would clear the data and then uninstall the app on the Amazon Fire Stick and then re-install and try it again.
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