DTV says my RSF is in error

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by spiketoo, Mar 15, 2017.

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    Sep 24, 2007
    I've posted in a couple of different threads so if the mods think this needs to be consolidated into one of those, I'm good with it.

    I'm the squeaky wheel here in the suburbs of PHX that had a cow when my RSF went from 0.00 over the past 6 years to 7.29 in Jan. Zipcodes all around me in the same exact market show RSFs of 0.00. I'm the guy behind the impetus of the recent articles in the Consumerist, ArsTechnica and FierceCable to name a few.

    I originally heard back in early Feb from the ATT Office of the President and they were looking into it. After they went silent for 3 weeks, I pinged the CEO and VP of Entertainment at ATT to ask 'sup?'

    I heard back today from the Manager of the Office of the President. She admitted that this is an error on their part and my RSF should be 0.00. She also stated they are looking into this 'across the board' and to date have identified 'a small percentage of customers affected by this and they will be reaching out to them' as they are identified.

    She will be crediting back the fees charged and she offered one month of service N/C for 'the effort I expended with my emails and phone calls'. She also thanked me for bringing this to their attention as they 'rely on [their] customers to let us know when errors occur.'

    Long walk to the store to get them to admit their error here. If you have the time (which obviously I do), everyone should hold companies accountable. If we don't, who will...
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    I think the majority of us have complained about he Regional Sports Fees. If I would not lose the golf and the tennis channels I would drop down a package.
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    Congrats re finally prevailing.
  4. spiketoo

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    Sep 24, 2007
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