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Ebay Seller Did Not Ship 1000.2

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by bitn50, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Aug 2, 2008 #1 of 14

    bitn50 Duplicate User (Account Closed)

    Aug 1, 2008
    This may not be the proper location to ask for some advise. Several weeks ago I was one of two high bidders for two Dish 1000.2 antennas this seller....toques69 had up for bids. The bidding ending at $62.55 for the two units. The seller had listed shipping...Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service, and charged $25.00. I paid by PalPal with a credit card I have on file.

    Week went by, and I sent a email to the seller asking when he made shipment, and by whom. No reply. Another week goes by, and sent another email asking why he hasn't shipped the 1000.2 antenna. Nothing... I sent a email to the other person that won the other antenna, but haven't heard from him also.

    So, the past Thursday I file a Resolution Dispute with PayPal to get their part involved here, they tell me I must wait 20 days to file for a claim for my money.

    Do I need to make some sort claim with Ebay on the seller? Who BTW shows he lives in Rockford, Illinois. I live only couple hundred miles from Rockford. I could take the trusty Louisville Slugger, and make a personal appearance at {address removed}, in Rockford.
  2. Aug 2, 2008 #2 of 14

    Redlinetire Icon

    Jul 24, 2007
    #1 - Use the 'Dispute Console' in eBay (shortcut on the left hand side in MyEBay screen) to report an "Item Not Received". You have to do that within 60 days of close.

    #2 - Threatening physical violence in an internet forum is probably the dumbest thing you could do.
  3. Aug 2, 2008 #3 of 14

    dnero AllStar

    Feb 12, 2008
    Tell your credit card company you were ripped off and have them persue it with PayPall
  4. Aug 2, 2008 #4 of 14

    bigshew Legend

    Feb 26, 2007
    Paypal has Buyer protection so you should eventually get your money back, unless the seller can prove to Paypal that he shipped ie. some sort of tracking number.
  5. Aug 2, 2008 #5 of 14

    Mr-Rick Legend

    Nov 30, 2004

    Recurring theme... Why not buy wone from your local retailer? Wouldn't he sell you one?
  6. Aug 2, 2008 #6 of 14

    DNSFSS AllStar

    Apr 4, 2008
    I never buy anything from local retailers anymore...the last experience I had they wouldn't honor the warranty through the manufacturer and also I found I could have saved about $50 through an internet purchase. Although I do have to admit that (1) everyone has to make a living and the internet is hard to compete with and (2) having the ability to walk into a store, pick the brain of the salesman and purchase the product and not have to wait a week is rather pleasant.

    As far as purchasing a 1000.2 from eBay, could you have set up a service call or had a E* tech come out to your house and just be up front with him and ask for a spare 1000.2 antenna/arm/mast and then just buy the LNB from eBay?

    Just wondering...hope you get everything worked out...

  7. Aug 2, 2008 #7 of 14
    Jason Nipp

    Jason Nipp Analog Geek in a Digital World Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Gold Club DBSTalk Club

    Jun 10, 2004
    I live 10 minutes outside Rockford. Not many 1000.2's out this way. Lot of SuperDishes though.

    I think you need to push eBay and PayPal....And also your credit Card company. Call them and tell them a purchase was fraudulent.
  8. Aug 2, 2008 #8 of 14

    Elchucko New Member

    Oct 2, 2005
    I had a situation last year where I paid via Pay Pal with my Discover Card and never received the item. Filed a dispute with Pay Pal and heard nothing. Filed a dispute with Discover and they immediately withheld payment and sent me a written notice. The seller responded since he never got his money, since Pay Pal never got their money. I never did get the merchandise but I didn't lose any money either.:lol:
  9. Aug 3, 2008 #9 of 14

    boba Hall Of Fame

    May 23, 2003
    Patience Ebay /Pay pal seem like they take forever and you are hitting your head on a brick wall, but they have so far come through.

    That is the gamble you take by shopping the internet.
  10. allargon

    allargon Legend

    May 2, 2007
    Actually Paypal is less of a gamble than Craigslist. If the item is broken, damaged doesn't work at least you can file a dispute.

    With a garage sale, Craigslist or a newspaper classified, things are usually as is--no returns.
  11. jsk

    jsk Icon

    Dec 27, 2006
    Fallston, MD
    From my wife's experience, the eBay & Pay Pal dispute resolution process is a waste of time. She bought a T-shirt for me and the seller didn't show the personalization on the back of the shirt (even Photoshopped it out of the pictures). The seller didn't want to accept a return and was rude and the dispute resolution process did nothing. At least we know not to buy anything from that seller.
  12. reddice

    reddice Godfather

    Feb 18, 2003
    Why do people still buy from Scambay? If a deal looks too good then it probably is too good. I will never buy from Ebay. I order from online stores and don't trust anyone selling something because they can scam you.
  13. Mr-Rick

    Mr-Rick Legend

    Nov 30, 2004

    As a retailer, I'll sell the customer whatever he wants.... So long as I have it on the truck. But don't expect me to sell a product below my cost because someone has it on ebay for less.
  14. ardvarkus

    ardvarkus New Member

    Aug 5, 2008


    Paypal dispute resolution is worse than a joke.... here's why:

    They take so long, that your 'rights' to contest the credit card charge may expire. Once you realize paypal is screwing you, the crdit card company may (rightly) say 'too late'.

    Paypal will extort you by refusing to investigate once your initiate a chargeback with the credit card company- plus they will mildly threaten you that you didn't go through them as they request in the agreement. Ignore them. Whores want the money, they won't boot you!

    Here is a classic situation:
    seller says "100% working". You receive it and it is clearly broken and not fucntional. Paypal will say "Seller DID ship the item, and since paypay doesn't get involved with product quality, you owe the money. Case CLosed"

    Only scam worse that ebay is paypal.

    1. Never pay with bank account debit- if the seller doesn't take cards, don't buy it.
    2. Document all aspects of the sale, if need be issue a chargeback with the credit card.
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