Edge Networks announces atsc 3.0 Evoca network

Discussion in 'Local Reception' started by 1948GG, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Another interesting development utilizing the encryption (and combining) features of atsc 3.0 is Edge Networks rolling out a 'cableless cable' or 'wireless broadcast' system that utilizes the subchannel capacity of multiple ota broadcast stations to aggregate upwards of 80 digital channels content with a price point (supposedly) at half that of cable or satellite.

    Obviously, subscribers will need reception of the local channels; several cities are on board with Boise ID as the first. They have an atsc 3.0 reciever box (I have been unable to find specs or even a picture). They are aiming for a summer 2020 rollout though, so the entire infrastructure from the broadcast station to the subscriber terminal has to exist right now, not just for Boise but for the next two cities (Bozeman and Twin Falls).

    My question to all this is, will the stations participating have any bandwidth left for free to viewers channels or will they be left only with the main. And the existing subchannels will be monetized, maybe even the main channel if the fcc will buy off; and these days, if it makes 'stacks of cash' then it must be good, serves the community good. This is the future of broadcast.
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    "Evoca started rolling out this week in Boise, Idaho, but it's hoping to have the service available in other markets soon. It currently offers over 60 channels of sports, news and other entertainment for $50 a month."

    This type of service has been done before. ATSC 3.0 helps due to increased channel capacity, but the other services didn't really make a dent in the marketplace.

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