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Email from Dish regarding 721

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Mar 13, 2002.

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    Here's the email I just got from Dish, It only took them 2 wks to reply. :)

    Thank you for your email. The PVR721 is currently in the testing stages. While a specific release date has not been slated, the release of the DISH PVR 721 has been targeted for April-May 2002. We have no further information regarding the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or upgrade promotions that may be available. We encourage you to stay tuned to future Charlie Chats and Technical Forums on Channel 101 for future updates. Please refer to the following list of features for the DISH PVR 721 a.. Combined satellite receiver, personal video recorder with internet capabilities
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    That is the same letter I got, the same letter everyone gets. Charlie Chat can stuff it up his ass.
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    Hey John, Im afraid I might be right that one time on AVS when I posted it probably wont be out until late May or June. 508 will probably never be released.
  4. Guest

    Hey dan, I figure they send these same emails to everyone asking that question, doesn't really surprise me.

    *sigh*..... first it was April, now its April-May.....your probably right Steve.
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    I hate to say it, but I will anyway -

    How long are you guys going to put up with the b.s. Dish is feeding you regarding this equipment? Why do you allow them to continually tease you? I have been reading these forums for a long time now, and there are so many apologists for the way Dish releases their equipment and how problems with the equipment are never resolved. I have had a perfectly running dual-tuner PVR in my home for almost a full year. In that year, I have had two satellite-fed upgrades that enhanced my tv viewing experience with no glitches, no erasing programs, no one minute recordings or anything of the sort. The software appeared to be tested, and then tested some more to insure it would work - and guess what, it does! I have spent $120 over the past year in fees, and while I don't necessarily like to pay it, I'll continue to pay it as the service I receive is excellent. You get what you pay for.

    Dish will never resolve the problems with their PVR equipment unless people quit buying it, and unless people quit accepting their shoddy customer service and excuses.

    Just my $.02 worth. I'll go crawl back under my D* rock and watch some more UTV recorded programs.

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    I'd love to go pick up a DTiVo and eliptical dish and make the switch, but unfortunatly I cant, my mom is happy with E* and really likes AT150 so E*s my only choice.
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    Hi Karl, Well I've only been a Dish sub since last Oct.
    It would be to costly for me to change, I spent around $550.00 back then for my 501 and 4900, and to have it installed.
    Wish I knew then what I know now. :)

    Honestly, my 501 has been a good machine, and the 4900 is rock solid. Right now, I'm just so happy with my 501, I would like to have the 721, just for the 2 tuner capabilities.

    Considering all, I'm pretty happy with Dish.
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    I completely agree with you Karl. First chance I get, Dish is gone. The only problem is that I'm hooked on the morning show at KTLA. I've been watching them for 10 years and can't give it up. I really should have kept my BUD so I wouldn't be in this predicament. That way I could be watching KTLA on the BUD and everything else on DirecTV using a DirecTivo.
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    Before you lock yourself into a DirecTivo (a great choice), check out UltimateTV. Orbitsat.com has a Sony UTV receiver with keyboard for $49.95 after rebate. It is a great machine and great service. I know all former Dishplayer owners will flame me for this, but UTV really does work great. The only drawback is there is no $249 lifetime service agreement like Tivo.
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