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English captions on Univision?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by Coca Cola Kid, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Coca Cola Kid

    Coca Cola Kid Hall Of Fame

    Jul 19, 2009
    Mt. Morris, MI
    How do I turn on English captions on Univision? I'd like to brush up on my Spanish.
  2. dtv757

    dtv757 Icon

    Jun 3, 2006
    I believe the caption is from the broadcaster. So if the only broadcast captions in Spanish that would be the only option.
    But I could be mistaken
  3. moghedien

    moghedien Legend

    Dec 3, 2007
    Menu --> Settings & help --> Settings--> Display --> Captioning (Set Captioning to On and Service 3)

    Not all programs will have English captions, if they do, they'll have a "CC3" bug in one corner of the screen... Telemundo usually has English captions for all their primetime shows...
  4. Rob

    Rob Icon

    Apr 22, 2002
    When I was in the Netherlands, I was able to switch between English and other language audios on some on the channels. I think the Spanish Language stations could increase viewers by offering English audio feeds.
  5. yosoyellobo

    yosoyellobo Icon

    Nov 1, 2006
    Jacksonville Fl
    Good luck with your Spanish. By the way you don't really need to know Spanish to follow the Telenovelas.:)
  6. whippage

    whippage New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    The best programs are the Saturday morning dance programs...they will have you muttering some new Spanish words under your breath every few minutes ;)

    ...make sure Wifey is still asleep...:D

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