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Experimental Small Slimline3 Dish

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by Matt9876, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Nov 2, 2012 #461 of 463

    jay8s New Member

    Oct 17, 2012
    What a great thread! I have been searching and thinking about this for years.

    I just trolled craigslist and scored a free Phase III dish that I will be picking up tomorrow. I already had 2 LMB's sitting around. I was going to use the OLD oval dish that I had 15 years ago on its side and start playing with it, but think this will be an easier route. I can't wait for the next tailgate!! HDTV!!! Set up should be a breeze I am on the same Latitude line as Mizzou, so it cant get much easier.

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    TwoPhases Legend

    Jul 20, 2010
    Welcome to dbstalk jay8s!
  3. AnEv942

    AnEv942 New Member

    Mar 17, 2013
    New member here. Awesome thread-lots of options. We are setting up for a camper, I only recently became aware of accessing our home service from camper so started looking around. I accendentally stumbled on this site & thread. The possibility of getting HD from this thread (Thanks MATT) down the road motivated me to find a 18x20 dish, still relitivley small. Got one locally, came with 3lb and a au9 head (with nub already ground off. I assume he tried to set up HD for shop but switched to slimline swm system and let Direct hook it all up. )

    As we are still 6months out for contract fullment, will be using with the sd head untill then with a borrowed d12-500 reciever (accessing her service). At that time I'll redo the head & get another reciever for house (for camper). Hopefully- not sure, our system is swm so cant use the H25, The other H24 just for other reasons isnt an option. Plus could use another box for spare room.

    I cobbled it together yesterday- wanted to test the sd head funtioned and I could find satellites (never done this before).

    Hokey smoke-lil sensitive, spent 2+ hours finally gave up. Was thinking head problem untill I came back here. Was using on screen tone to dial in but on 110-could get 97%+ but 0 on 101 /119. Toned in on mid 101 transponder-bam got all 3. Had to tweak the 119 a bit and then passed 'validation'. Stoked-havent gotton TV here since the OTA digital switch- 600+ channles....

    Wish I could proceed with the HD conversion but is a ways off. For now Ill concentrate on stand and cabeling etc. & painting the dish.
    Anyway thats my intro...
    I do have a few questions-probably (hopefully) exposing how little I know-this is all new to me.

    One- would be the reciever programming. Switching reciever from house to camper and back requires setting up each time-IF the reciever isnt moved (just stays in camper) will just refocusing dish allow connecting without going thru setup/validation? Or mute- when not in use, the powering down for extended time/disconnecting dish cause revalidation anyway?

    Second would be signal-ie trees etc. Would a single SD head be more likley/easier to get signal-& if so would it work on the 18x20 and IF it did worth carrying? Otherwise I was thinking carring the triple SD head as spare.

    Lastly would be the dish assembly as thats what Im working on, specifically the boom. Ill be replacing all nuts with wing nuts and bolts with thumb screws for no tool adjustment/use. But arm needs to break down. Ive seen the hinge kit, but I want the arm and head removable. Could use pinned hinge. I may cut and weld on flanges. Curious if any one has drilled out the arm to bracket funny weld/pressed joint on the phase III. If those could be cleared would easily reassembly with bolts or clevis pins...

    Well mostly since this thread has opened up my addtion of HDTV in the camper-really just wanted to shout out a thanks

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