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    I downloaded the eight episodes of HBO’s My Brilliant Friend. Six of the eight episodes were assigned an expiration date of 1/14/2019, but two episodes in the middle (episodes 5 and 6) had expiration dates of 12/16/2018. The two episodes with the December expiration disappeared from the list yesterday, as expected. I accessed the available downloads and downloaded episodes 5 and 6 a second time, and this time the expiration dates were 1/14/2019, same as the others.

    Any idea why there is this strange behavior?
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    I believe HBO supplies the On Demand file, and sets the expiration date when they do so. They continually go thru and replace files, update expiration dates etc. You just happened to download a couple of the older files before they got replaced.

    Sometimes they will miss the deadlines and forget to update the expiration dates, or supply new files. That is when you end up having random episodes of a series missing from the list. From what I understand there really isn't anything DirecTV can do about it, it is all in HBO's court.
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