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extasy channel

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Feb 18, 2002.

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    i was watchin extasy this afternoon and i noticed the picture was bad, what's wrong? who do i call?

    Admin Edited: Reason, terms of use violation:

    (4) constitutes pornography, or sexual material of an obscene nature
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    Of course the picture's bad. The picture on that channel is ALWAYS bad! It may be of high image quality (I do not know), but it's still bad. If you want good programming call 8003333474, tell them you want to cancel your Extasy sub and sub to "Sky Angel".:)
  3. Guest

    No I love Extasy, it's XXX super hardcore. Only kind of porn I can watch, Playboy is a waste of $$. It's just that the picture wasn't good this afternoon, its better now though. And what is sky angel? Is that even more hardcorn porn?
  4. Guest

    Call Dish. I'm pretty sure you won't find anyone here that wants to discuss porn, myself included. Do what you gotta do.
  5. Guest

    No PoonLover, you missed the point of my message. All porn is bad. Sky Angel is a 24-hour, 32 channel Christian television ministry on the 61.5W satellite. Get my point?:)
  6. Guest

    As he mentioned in another thread.

    "See, what he doesn't understand is my thoughts are well thought-out. I've read the Bible, I know what it says. I know what porn is. I know what we were created for. And I've studied more about religion than the large majority of 40 year olds. "

    It is nice to know the Gummy is wiser and more thought out than others, if by his own admittance. Gee, I was wrong all this time. "Gummy The Wise" has converted me with his well thought-out arguments. :rolleyes:

    Why do I have a sneaking feeling that if Gummy would have found Islam we would be hearing about American Taliban Gummy being on trial.

    And again it brings up my memory of being 17 where I thought I knew all the answers just like Gummy. See Gummy, as you get older you may start to realize that life isn't Black and White but Shades of Gray. And the existance of something that disagrees with your "Well Tought Out" beliefs does not mean it is inherently bad. And guess what Gummy, when I was 17 I told people that "See, what he doesn't understand is my thoughts are well thought-out."
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    Oh boy here we go again. :)

    Just to answer the question (moral opinions aside - thanks)

    Dish does NOT monitor the adult channels (they don't even have them displayed on the wall of video monitors) the only way they monitor them is in a seperate room displaying on waveform monitors only. I guess the only thing they check is that they have valid video signals on the waveforms.

    Because the channels are not montiored for picture quality if you are a subscriber you should call them and report the problem.

    Lastly while we don't like closing discussions any porn threads can be closed at any time. Remember that DBStalk is a family DBS Board. However with that said because the adult channels are valid DBS topics we have permitted discussion on the channels. Again in stating that we are a family board and because we operate under the rules of EZBOARD the messages must must be kept with those rules kept in mind. We have the right to remove any message we see which do not fit the guidelines, and this includes messages with "colorful" usernames.

    Thanks everyone for your attention to this matter.

  8. Guest

    I am an adult, I have the right to watch what I want. If I want to pay the $20 or so bucks a month for Extasy, I am allowed to do that. Porn is not illegal, there is nothing wrong with adults enjoying a little porn once in a while. Maybe you are the one that needs to have an open mind about things instead of condemning everyone to hell who doesn't watch Christian programming 24/7!
  9. Guest

    Espergarde, why must you insist on personal attacks in a conversation that isn't personal. As for the dissing on my religions beliefs, I can honestly tell you that had I not found Christ when I was 15, and going through some very hard times I do not wish to discuss, that I would be dead - I would be a suicide victim. I came close enough as it was. I can only thank Christ for His awesome mercy and love everyday. I can tell you that my life changed a lot when I was 15, and I was forced to mature more than you could imagine. That's about all I want to say in public. But until you understand why someone feels how they feel, please avoid the personal insults in a non-personal discussion.
  10. Guest

    PoonLover, you perhaps need an open mind. Just so you know, I never suggested watching only Christian programming. While I have made a personal decision in my life to live free of secular music, I still quite enjoy many secular movies and TV shows. I never "condemed you to hell" that's something only God can do. You're right, porn isn't illegal, but I want you to think about some facts:

    1.) Porn dehumanizes woman and presents them as mere objects. This is wrong.
    2.) Porn is a very stong addictive substance. It affects at least 5 neurotransmitters, including dopamine, the same one that creates the major effect of cocaine
    3.) Porn isn't illegal in some ways, yet in other ways it is. I'm sure that porn actually IS illegal under prostitution laws, though noone has taken it far enough. Think. Prostitution is receiving money for sex acts. Porn is receiving money for sex acts while being photographed. Why is porn any less immoral than prostitution?
  11. Guest

    you open yourself up. If someone posts a question asking "is it moral" or "What do you think" then no problem.

    But as long as someone posts a simple question and you preach at him, I will preach back to you. See, what you doesn't understand is my thoughts are well thought-out.
  12. Guest

    Espergarde and Poonlover,

    You have the right to do whatever you want. However, whatever you do doesn't have to be done here. Poon, go talk about porn somewhere else, it would seem you are only trying to garner some attention by posting here. Espergarde, you have your right to post a counter-opinion about what gummy has said here, but you DO NOT have the right to attack them. Post respectfully, and leave it at that.

    I would request that a moderator please close this thread, there is no more good to come from this one.
  13. Guest

    PoonLover,you made a slight improvement in your chose of usernames since your last post, I figured the next time you would make a post here it would be on the same subject. This is not a place for personal attacks, what did Gummy ever do to you? He is trying to do good, if someone makes a statement you dont agree with say it respectfully or dont say it at all!!!
  14. Guest

    Just to add to this, I feel like everyone has made there statements clear....Lets just move on. :)
  15. Guest

    My problem with Gummy was that I didn't ask if people improved of me watching porn, I asked about where do I complain because of picture problems this afternoon. I do not need someone preaching at me, if I wanted that I would go to a Christian chat room. I live a decent life, and I am not a bad person. I do believe in God, but that has nothing to do with what I asked to begin with. Now back on topic, I just started subscribing to this channel this morning, and one movie this afternoon had very poor quality. It seems to be fixed now, it may have been just that movie. I am sorry if I was hateful to Gummy, but being preached at by someone really irritates me.
  16. Guest

    Porn is entertainment, it is nothing comparable to prostitution(which I never have thought should be illegal anyway). It does not make women out to be objects or dehumanize them, they have a choice whether or not to be in these movies, and they seem to be enjoying themselves. If they didn't like what they do, they could always quit.
  17. Guest

    PoonLover said...

    "My problem with Gummy was that I didn't ask if people improved of me watching porn, I asked about where do I complain because of picture problems this afternoon. I do not need someone preaching at me, if I wanted that I would go to a Christian chat room."

    Name chosen aside, Poonlover asked a legitimate question and got that standard preacher response from Gummy. Without Gummy's response the question would have either died a quick death or been quickly answered and forgotten. Steve says Gummy is trying to do good. I don't see it that way, I see him as "only trying to garner some attention by posting here".

    When I see a Sky Angel thread I don't go in and try to convince the posters that they are wasting their time and money (which I do believe) I see a sky angel thread and I pass it by. Why cannot Gummy do the same. As much as gummy is Anti-Porn I am Anti-Sky Angel, If I go and ruin some Sky Angel posts am "I trying to do good".
  18. Guest

    usenet newsgroup Alt.dbs.echostar by using your Outlook Express software. You can get your questions answered there with less Judgement.
  19. Guest

    If you're still here, you can talk openly about this stuff in the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.erotica in a frank manner. It's a moderated newsgroup, and as long as you post in a mature way, your posts won't be edited.
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