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Fabrications on that "other" site.....

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Dec 16, 2001.

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    Since I called someone one too many times on his multiple fabrications I have been perma-banned from that "other" site.

    The following was posted there by someone who never lets facts get in the way of a good Echostar bash when fabrications and exaggerations work just as well:

    "The problem, Bob, is that both providers were given the same amount of notice regarding the requirements. They both knew that come 1/1 they would face this problem. DirecTV ordered their spot beam satellite in January - just a few weeks after the law was enacted, but Dish waited until July."

    Echostar press release dated Feb 5 which talks about Echostar 7 "being designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems":


    It just makes no sense to me that "people" continue to post fiction, fabrications, and exaggerations about topics that are so easy to PROVE as fiction, fabrucation and exaggeration. It must make them feel important or relevant in some way. I just don't get it.
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    I think some of the "ego's" over there are a little out of control. A good site but denying good people like you and Bob Haller from the site is ridiculous. I find myself over here more now than ever.
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    Quote: "The fact remains that DirecTV was about 6 months ahead of them, every step of the way. Delays are par for the course when you launch satellites, and two years was a tight timetable. E* waited until the close of their fiscal year to place the order, so as not to show the charge, which would have hurt performance and the stock price."

    The above is TOTAL fabrication and fiction. Echostar ordered Echostar VII less than ONE MONTH of your claimed date of DTV's order of their spot beam bird (if THAT date can be believed). YOU have NO IDEA of the reasons for the date of any satellite order. YOU claim that DTV placed their order in January (which is also after THEIR fiscal year end), gee I wonder if this was to make their stock go up.
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    I have a question. Did you get banned because you proved Dan wrong on his statement or was there something else going on behind the scenes?
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    Ahh, not to inflame things but Dan HATES being proven wrong....

    Now take your banning as a compliment, posters who are banned fall into 2 categories.

    The idiots like those 3 fat ladies... Definetely deserve their fate.:)

    The intelligent who make some adminstrators look uninformed. You defintely fall into this last category:D This makes you articulate, intelligent, and all those other good qualties a message board SHOULD want. EXCEPT Dan specifically doesnt want posters who are too strong. Or too well connected.

    Does anyone remembers that off topic conversation Dan and I had about ISS???

    I said it was a boondoggle and would likely get cancelled or scaled back dramatically and be a money rat hole with little science payback.

    Well check the news, The ISS is being scaled back, science results are very small, and the entire project might get cancelled. The production crew reurn vehicle that would support a bigger international crew haas been cancelled.

    Dan said it would produce earth shaking science that would change our world.

    I WISH this were true and I was wrong......
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    I must be missing something, what casued you to get banned?

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    The "stated reason" was that I made some comments to a consperacy whacko soon after the 9-11 event that the almighty took offense to. My comments were no where near the level of hostility of comments that exist NOW in the admin forum from today. The only reason that I can assume for my perma-banning is that I have never kissed the ring of the almighty there and his great fountain of "knowledge". I was one of the few there to call him on his fabrications, exaggerations and misstatements. I really didn't care until I saw this crap posted there today.
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    Quote: "So I stand corrected, DirecTV only had a 3 month lead."

    Get real. When you are buying a satellite from yourself, you have an advantage in ordering time. If Echostar were ordering from their own satellite manufacturing arm I am sure they would have been in the same time frame. Considering that they had to go with outside vendors and a bidding process, I am amazed that they were under 3 months behind DTV in ordering the satellite.
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    Well, at anyrate enjoy your stay at DBSTalk all opinions are welcome!!!

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    Maybe it is the way I am reading it, but it seems that anything out of his mouth is considered by Dan to be absolute truth, anything out of the mouth of others is considered by Dan to be pure conjecture.

    If this place had some more activity it would be a much nicer stomping ground, but there just dosen't seem to be much activity to warrant a daily visit. Hopefully that will change :)
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    Mr King,

    You were temporarily suspended from DBSForums for continuing to use abusive language despite several warnings. The code of conduct allows for one warning, you received several. You were suspended, along with 5 other members, for engaging in a weekend long flame war. You were notified of the one week suspension, and your account was reactivated at the end of that week. You have NOT been banned.

    As for your "fabrications" issue, it was a simple error. As a Dish Subscriber, the delay between the DirecTV announcement, and the Echostar announcement certainly SEEMED like six months at the time, but was only three months. When the dates were pointed out, the error was acknowledged.

    You obviously have a personal grudge against me. That is unfortunate. However, I am not running for elected office, nor am I participating in a popularity contest. I would wish, however, that you personal animus towards me not be continually turned into a "DBSTalk vs. DBSForums" issue. DBSForums is more than just me, and I hope DBSTalk is more than just you. Chris is running a fine site here, but I think this kind of post, which serves no purpose other than to vent your dislike for me personally, has no relevance to DBS.

    You don't have to agree with me, you just have to follow the rules. I doubt that Ken Stuart and I have ever agreed on anything (actually I think we may have agreed ONCE), but Ken is still a member. He criticizes me and the other admins and mods regularly. We get angry with each other. That is all perfectly fine.

    Whether you agree with me, or any one else, or not, violation of the rules will result in suspension or banning from the site. In the case of the particular incident that lead to your suspension, the "combatants" needed a cooling off period. That's all you got. Again, you are not banned from DBSForums.

    Talk about fabrications.
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    I don't use abusive language. I had ONE warning about a conversation with a consperacy nut and responded to that warning with an appology and condolences to YOU after you claimed to have lost several friends on Sept 11. After I posted the appology I was banned and, although I haven't tried to access the site in a while, I did attempt WELL after a week of my banning. I was NEVER notified of a week long suspension.

    Quote: "As for your "fabrications" issue, it was a simple error."

    I simply don't believe that. You do this way too often for this type of thing to be an "error". You make your dislike of Dish and Charlie way too obvious in your frequent exaggerations and "shoot from the hip comments". It was WAY to easy to verify the order dates, which, if you cared about accuracy more than an agenda, you should have done before shooting off. If Charlie owned the company he was buying the satellite from I am sure he would have closed those dates even further if not ordered before DTV. But then, you didn't think of that since it didn't fit your agenda. Since corporate responsibility required that he go through a bid process I am amazed he was able to order as soon as he did. It is easy enough to find fault at Dish without having to resort to fabrications and exaggerations. When those fabrications come from the owner of the forums that they are posted on they are taken as truth by many, which I am sure you are aware. I, myself, now take everything with your name attached with a VERY large grain of salt.

    Quote: "I would wish, however, that you personal animus towards me not be continually turned into a "DBSTalk vs. DBSForums" issue."

    Speaking of exaggerations, here we go again. This is the first time I have mentioned you or your forum here. I, myself am very tired of the constant us vs. them attitude here and have not posted here much and not even registered because of that. But, when YOU spouted this garbage off and I could not respond to it where YOU posted the garbage, I responded here as an alternative.

    Quote: "serves no purpose other than to vent your dislike for me personally"

    I have no dislike to you personally, I have much dislike to the shooting off the hip comments that you are constantly making that are not based on facts. And, no I do not have the time to research them to show them to you, suffice to say that, as you are well aware, I have pointed out several to you in your forums when I have seen them as well as let several slide by thinking "Dan is being Dan again".

    Quote: "You don't have to agree with me, you just have to follow the rules. I doubt that Ken Stuart and I have ever agreed on anything"

    WOW!! You and I have something in common.

    Quote: "Again, you are not banned from DBSForums.
    Talk about fabrications."

    The above comment proves my point. I tried to post there at least four times in the space of well OVER a month after my banning and was unable to. I have even had a conversation in e-mail with one of the formerly regular posters there about this, the last time, as late as October 30, when he sent me a "welcome back" message thinking that a post he saw there (referring to some pictures that I had posted at another site) was from me. I was surprised to receive this so I tried to post and was still banned as of that date. I also have responded to several posts by e-mail because of my inability to post at the site. I don't believe that I have attempted to post at the site since October 30.

    Yes, talk about fabrications!!
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    Dan says:

    "Chris is running a fine site here, but I think this kind of post, which serves no purpose other than to vent your dislike for me personally, has no relevance to DBS."

    I agree that Chris runs a durn fine site here. And the fact that he allows this thread to exist is a testament of why this site is different thant DBSForums. I doubt that this thread could get this far on DBSForums. Its not a forun vs. forum issue. Its an issue that dissent can be expressed here more freely!

    While I am not a party to this particular feud, Dan would be well advised to understand the comments of the other sideliners here. There is a perception that he is heavy handed toward folks who disagree with him, and he has shown greater animosity toward E* since Mike Dugan showed him the door.
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    I never got the full scoop. Can anyone fill in the details???
  16. Guest

    While I don't know the exact story here, I have been reading Dans work for a LONG TIME. I have been amazed with his technical flair for this hobby!

    Now just because he may have made a mistake with some details don't come down on the guy, we all make mistakes, I admit I do it all the time (and I am not just talking about my spelling typing mistakes) :D

    As far as the other things go I am not a party of them so I can't comment, as it would not be fair.

    I look forward to reading more of Dans writing here on DBStalk and over at DBSforums, because I know the information he is giving is given to the best of his knowledge.

    Here at DBStalk we feel that if you have something to share then share it, if your info is incorrect you can be sure that someone will correct it. :D We thank everyone for posting here, enjoy your stay!

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    Posted: 12/19/01 6:14:08 pm
    What fallout did Dugan and Dan have?
    I never got the full scoop. Can anyone fill in the details???

    ... shown the door by Mike Dugan ...????

    OK, I'll bite - who,what, when and where?
  18. Guest

    I don't remember the details but I do remember Dan posting about this falling out. (This was posted before DBSforums wiped out the users)

    Lets just say that Mr Duggan was not to customer friendly in his message to Dan. :D

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    So that's why Dan Collins switched to DirecTV and is bashing Echostar all the time.... Mr. Duggan dissed him... Ha ha ha! We all know what they say about a woman scorned...
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    His unhappiness with his DPs were probably justfication alone to jump to DirectTV :)

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