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Failing to get three new bad HR20-100/700/100 working!

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Robert Norman, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Robert Norman

    Robert Norman Mentor

    Aug 26, 2005
    History of my trial and efforts:
    I received a second HDR-100s on August 20, via DIRECTV installer in the Okla. City area. System was installed and worked I thought like my long term HDR20-100 with external Seagate Pro-750GB eSATA disk drive. On August 23, I received from buy.com another Seagate Free Agent Pro-750GB eSATA external disk drive. I installed it but could not get the HDR20-100 to recognize the drive. After many hours talking to different customer service personnel at DIRECTV I got them to Federal Express a replacement HDR20. I requested another HDR-100s.

    On August 27 the replacement HDR20-700 arrived by Federal Express. After installing the HDR20-700 I found that it indeed recognize the Seagate Free Agent Pro-750GB drive. However, I found that when I switch to one of the local TV stations that DIRECTV broadcast over their satellite in high definition the HDR20-700 locked up. Again hours on the telephone with DIRECTV and many resets the service person finally said they had to send a technician out and scheduled one for August 30.

    I Federal Express the first HR20-100s back to DIRECTV on August 29. A trip of 36 miles.

    Received a telephone call from the DIRECTV service technician today, August 30, and he said he was on his way out. I asked him if he was bringing a HR20-100s with him. I convince him on the telephone that the HR20-700 was broken so he drove back to their warehouse and found that they had only one HR20-100 left for all the rest had been sent back due to a recall by DIRECTV. They tried to convince him to take a HR20-700 for they had plenty of those. He bought the HR20-100 with him. After taking a look at the HR20-700 he agreed it was broken and replaced it with the HR20-100. He stayed until he thought he had checked out the HR20-100 and then hooked up the eSATA Seagate drive which came up the first attempt and worked just like my other HR20-100 with the Seagate Free Agent Pro 750GB. The service technician took the HR20-700 and two B converters with him and said they would send it back to get paid for the HR20-100. The poor technician has to call DIRECTV just like we do and he said it got very frustrating for it added a significant amount of time to each job for having to wait to talk to a DIRECTV person to activate and deactivate the receivers. Looks to me that DIRECTV needs a different telephone number for technicians to call so they do not have to wait would make better use of technicians time and allow them to make additional service calls each day.

    Now the Very BAD NEWS. I decided to record the two NCAA football games tonight that overlap in time. When I attempted to set up the second recording it told me it conflicted with another recording. Further checking reveals that satellite tuner two was not working. I switch cables to check to insure the converter were working and the line was good. Tuner two was still not working. Looking at tuner two connections I found the connection turn when attempting to make a connection and was loose going into the HDR. I remember when the technician set up the set and brought up the information screen not seeing tuner two. I just did not think clearly and did not realize that something was wrong. The connection into the HR20 had to be broken.

    I called DIRECTV and finally got passed to the technical area. The person had me reset the receiver, and then had me switch the wires and reset the receiver again. She then after many additional tests and resets made a service request and the technician is coming out Sept. 5 to take a look. She told me that since the receiver was damage and could have been damage my me that the service plan I have does not cover that and I would be charged for the damage. That did not go very well with me. I told her that this was a new receiver as of today and I should not be responsible. She made a note and said depending on what the technician found out would determine whether I will be charged. I could always contest the charges and fight it out with DIRECTV whether I had to pay for the equipment she told me. She also said that the technician may or may not bring another HR20. Well the technicians so far have always calls before coming so maybe I can get him to bring one if he is not to far from their warehouse. KEEP TUNE FOR THE NEXT FIASCO!

    Why did I want the HDR20-100s over the HDR-700? Maybe, this was a very bad decision. The top of the 100 is solid with the quieter cooling fan on the bottom. My experience in several months of using my existing HR20-100 reflects the temperature to be around 102F most of the time. I never saw the temperature on the HR20-700 less then 122F the week I had it. I am planning on additional equipment in the near future and need to stack equipment on top of the HDR so I do not want the vents on top of the HDR like the HDR20-700 has them. I like matching pair by having the two HDR20-100s plus matching external Seagate hard drives.

    This experience has disproved to me another statement I have found throughout this form. On the new Seagate eSATA drive I moved it to my working old HDR20-100s and recorded a program on it to prove that nothing was wrong with the Seagate drive or the eSATA cable. When I hooked up the HDR20-700 I could see and watch the recorded program that I had recorded on the HDR20-100s. I recorded programs on the eSATA drive using the HDR20-700. When I hooked up the eSATA drive to the new HDR20-100s I could see and watch the programs I had previously recorded on the existing HDR20-100s and the HDR20-700. My limited experience does not support that when you moved an eSATA drive between HDR’s you cannot watch the programs you previously recorded on other HDR’s. All three HDR’s were running the 018A software.

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