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Fear Factor

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Jan 30, 2002.

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    I love this show !!

    Its being aired on Suber Bowl Sunday......thats counter productive programming, especially for the west coast feeds.

    Zap2it.com is showing it airing at 7:50PM Eastern, 4:50PM Pacific. This falls 1:50 into the game, about the time they expect halftime to fall.

    This special edition will feature Playboy playmates competing in the stunts. After the special episode, NBC will finish the night airing regular installments of Fear Factor.

    Here's a picture of the dingy Playmates.
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    I don't usually watch Fear Factor but I think I might make an exception in this case.
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    I think Ill watch this show and see what its all about :D
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    I wonder if they will have the Playmates covered head to toe in worms and scorpions, or will it be more adjusted for the playmates like can they use their personalities only to convince some blind billionaire to take them to Europe for the weekend. :p
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    As long as its not like last weeks show where they made everyone eay fresh cow brains. (YUCK)

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    Last one I seen, they made them eat 6" to 8" long PIG BOWL. :( Everyone single one of them almost chunked it back up.
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    Looked like there was a playmate with her head in a clear box with flies or something in it. It looked like she had to either squash the flies with her head or eat the flies??? YECH!!!
  8. Feb 4, 2002 #8 of 24


    *SHOOT*....I got so wrapped up in the game I forgot all about Fear Factor last night....*sigh* :(
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    I saw a few minutes of it, I turned it on right when Stacy was about to walk accross the buildings on the tightrope. Man that was a great part :D
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    I did watch it last night, did ya see the maggots and chickens feet part......YUK! :x
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    I can't wait to see the WWF Fear Factor. That will be an interesting show, but the grossest thing I've seen thus far is where the people had to eat bull testicles.
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    My son is looking forward to that one. I'm not sure when the next scheduled FF is.
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    Next Fear Factor is 2/25/02 - WWF version in time for Feb sweeps. 8:00pm ET on the NBC Television Network.
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    Thanks for reminding me....:)
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    I have already seen most of the WWF fear factor from all the clips they have shown all over the place. Its not that gross of an episode, about the grosest thing that did was made them dfrink a cow shake which was made of various cow parts (no they didnt show the whole parts before it was made)

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    It turned out being Pig brain milkshake, then they had to roll the dice for 3 additional additives to to ground into the shake.
    Additional stuff added were: spleen, cows eyes, rooster nuts, cod liver oil, fish sauce?....I can't remeber the rest. I almost YAKED watching it.
  17. Guest

    Im not even gonna ask :D
  18. Guest

    Actually to be fair to the show, they were not rooster nuts. They instead had Rooster Jewles.

    That one did not gross me out that much.

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    Fear Factor is the greatest show ever.

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    Next week is celebrity week, does anyone know who the 6 are?

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