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Free HD for life (24 months for existing subs)

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by DavidMi, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Jun 9, 2010 #961 of 2476

    R0am3r Legend

    Sep 20, 2008
    After talking to 3 CSRs, I got my 24 month free HD approved. I use the Verizon Combined Billing option and it took a bit of arm twisting to get the CSRs to listen. Of course, I also told them I would drop Showtime, HBO, Starz, and the Sports Package if they didn't treat me like a decent customer.
  2. Jun 9, 2010 #962 of 2476

    opfreak Legend

    May 8, 2008
    no go again. Have to be a cosumter at least a year (was told this 3 times now)
  3. Jun 9, 2010 #963 of 2476

    Blaze Legend

    Jun 9, 2010
    My cycle starts the 6th each month they take it out the 21st the date its due...... :)
  4. Jun 9, 2010 #964 of 2476

    txfeinbergs Legend

    Nov 15, 2005
    Worked for me first try. This website just saved me $240. How many websites can do that for you!
  5. Jun 9, 2010 #965 of 2476

    dondude32 Legend

    Apr 3, 2003
    Same here bill on 6th taken out on 21st.
  6. Jun 9, 2010 #966 of 2476

    kitzi New Member

    Aug 4, 2006
    the day the bill is issued for me
  7. Jun 9, 2010 #967 of 2476

    berniec AllStar

    Nov 23, 2008
    called today, said "promotions" at the voice prompt. told the person i'd heard there was a promo for free HD, he said yes, put me on hold for about 5 minutes and said the credit would start showing up next billing cycle. can't beat that for a 5 minute phone call.
  8. Jun 9, 2010 #968 of 2476

    Villager Legend

    Feb 8, 2007
    That's the way it works with me on both my accounts (different addresses).
  9. Jun 9, 2010 #969 of 2476

    stevenjr Legend

    Dec 22, 2006
    I just signed up, I have been autopay for a few years already and no problems yet.
  10. Jun 9, 2010 #970 of 2476

    dalepm AllStar

    Feb 3, 2007
    My due date is the 10th and the payment on DirecTV shows up on the 10th. It shows up on my credit card on the 11th.

    Just got off the phone with a CSR and I just got the 24month credit.
  11. Jun 9, 2010 #971 of 2476

    marker101 Legend

    Nov 6, 2007
    Yeah. Try to explain that to DirecTV customer service. I called today because I was enrolled with payment due 15 days after the bill is issued. I wanted to move the date to the 20 days, the due date (the day I manually pay every month anyways). The CSR swore to me that they could not change it no matter what. I'm so ticked off at DirecTV over this autobill thing. It is not flexible and accommodating by any means. Like some people say...almost not worth the credit to deal with the hassle.
  12. Jun 9, 2010 #972 of 2476

    Drucifer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2009
    NY Hudson...
    And members here wonder how autopay can ever be disastrous.
  13. Jun 9, 2010 #973 of 2476
    the future is now

    the future is now AllStar

    Jun 9, 2010
    Los Angeles
    called in to get this deal today, first CSR is named Joanne. i asked for promotion and she tell me i have to go on auto-pay. i told her that was not an option as i had a past problem with auto-pay and a gym. i told her that i read on-line that auto pay was no longer required. i asked to check again she tell me that she would have to transfer me but first wanted to see if i liked any of her offers. she offers a HBO/Cinemax deal, decline then $5 off of Showtime. no thanks can you transfer me?

    second CSR is Eric, he seemed new. i asked for offer, explain no auto pay. he says no, i ask to try again as i read it on-line. then i give him that 24monFree code and he finally said i could get it for 6 months, sold. total time was around 20 minutes. i asked if he could offer me anything else. he told me he could not offer me the free three or six month deal. i told him thanks for checking.

    this is how it looks on my recent activity:
    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX8184 HD Access - Disconnect Adj ($8.00) $0.00
    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX8184 HD Access - Charge $8.00 $0.00
    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX8184 DIRECTV DVR Service - Charge $5.60 $0.00
    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX8184 HD Access - Charge $8.00 $0.00
    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX8184 DIRECTV DVR Service - Disconnect Adj ($5.60) $0.00
    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX8184 HD Access - Disconnect Adj ($8.00) $0.00

    did i get the right credit?
  14. Jun 9, 2010 #974 of 2476

    irish316 AllStar

    Nov 7, 2007
    Brownsburg, IN
    RACJ2 I posted about this earlier today to see if anyone else was not getting the credit because of the offset credits for ST for 2009. I called twice today and could not get the credit and I just wanted to know if anyone else was able to piggyback HD credits. So far it looks like no one has. But then again, I've read where people got a different credit of $20 for 12 months. Don't know why CSR couldn't just do that when I called. Anyway, my HD credit ends next month and I was told they would add it when I called in July and my account was notated as such.
  15. Jun 10, 2010 #975 of 2476

    mdavej Hall Of Fame

    Jan 30, 2007
    Well all those add up to exactly $0, so I'd say you got absolutely nothing. The credit looks like this:

    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX8184 HD Access - 24mosFreeHDAcc ($10.00) ($0.60)

    But even if you called back and managed to get it, if you drop auto-pay, you lose it. Since you don't have auto-pay, the discount probably won't last long.
  16. Jun 10, 2010 #976 of 2476

    CliffV Legend

    Jan 24, 2006
    I got the 24 month credit. I had to call in twice.

    The first CSR first offered a 6 month credit. When I asked for more, he offered a 12 month credit. He wouldn't budge from there. He wouldn't connect me to anyone else. I politely terminated the conversation.

    I called back in. The second CSR didn't offer anything, but suggested that the "programming department" might. She connected me. The programming department immediately offered me the 24 month credit. He warned me that I had to keep my total choice package, keep auto-pay, and keep my account in good standing.
  17. Jun 10, 2010 #977 of 2476

    KoRn Legend

    Oct 21, 2008
    Is it really that hard to just give it to every one like advertised in the tv commercial? So misleading both Directv and Dish.
  18. Jun 10, 2010 #978 of 2476

    roger48 Cool Member

    May 12, 2010
    BY all means call DirecTv, ask for CANCELLATION; and ask for Free HD. If you get the right CSR you get 2 years free HD, by 2012 either current promotion is over or everyone will have free HD, and your base package will be ~$16 more. Some of us remember how we now get "Free" locals.
  19. Jun 10, 2010 #979 of 2476
    Carl Spock

    Carl Spock Superfly

    Sep 3, 2004
    KoRn, of course you are right. Don't we all wish companies would be more transparent and look at it from our point of view. But, unfortunately, GM tried it with Saturn and look where that got them. I'm afraid we're stuck with a system that uses CSR Roulette. Other companies do the same. As Tom said upthread, it's just like having to mail in a rebate. And I hate those, too.
  20. Jun 10, 2010 #980 of 2476

    dvisthe Legend

    May 26, 2007
    CSR told me she can only give me free HD credit for 1 year, but
    the 24 month promotion code is on my account
    06/09/2010 XXXXXXXX9242 HD Access - 24mosFreeHDAcc ($10.00) ($0.60)

    Is there a way in their system to have that code expire in 12 months?
    What I am trying to say is in 12 months, will that promotion automatically come off my account.
    Was the CSR misstaken? Did she mean 2 years?

    Any one else here told they were only getting one year, but have the
    24mosFreeHDAcc on their account?

    I just don't want to have to deal with calling Directv a year from now and trying to get another year free.

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