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Free MLB Extra Innings?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by EdBott, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. EdBott

    EdBott New Member

    Nov 14, 2012
    Can anyone here verify this?

    h t t p ://www.satelliteguys.us/threads/305233-DIRECTV-to-Offer-FREE-MLB-Extra-Innings!

    If this is true I am dropping dish!

    Ps sorry about URL I can't post links yet.
  2. Mariah2014

    Mariah2014 Breaking the mold

    Apr 21, 2006
    Phoenix Metro
    Looks like it is new customers only.
  3. tonyd79

    tonyd79 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 24, 2006
    Columbia, MD
    New customers. Way back in 95, I signed up with the same offer.

    Not really that new. They often use different packages (like NFL) as an incentive.
  4. Starchild

    Starchild Legend

    Sep 4, 2007
    Been trying to get it free. No luck yet.
  5. dtrell

    dtrell Hall Of Fame

    Dec 27, 2007
    Are there any updates on this? I tried calling to get a discount from retention just now and was told "we dont have anything"....so I am going to try later like 10pm..sometimes if you talk to one of the west coast retention CSRs you get a different response. Theres only 3 weeks until the season so they better come up with something quick or I am dropping it. I am not paying 200 bucks and they have already billed me 33 dollars twice. Anyone else get any reduction in price on this?

    tonyd you are a big baseball fan...did you get a discount on EI?
  6. Stuart Sweet

    Stuart Sweet The Shadow Knows!

    Jun 18, 2006
    I can confirm through a DIRECTV dealer that new customers who sign up between 3/1 and 4/15 will get free Extra Innings. However the offer is limited to new customers. Calling and complaining could get you something, but it's not likely to get you a free sports package.
  7. dtrell

    dtrell Hall Of Fame

    Dec 27, 2007
    Stuart, I and many others on here have never paid full price for a sports package. I havent paid full price in 4 years. It is hard to believe that theres NOTHING they have for retention on the package, so I will keep trying. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any luck yet.
  8. newred5

    newred5 Cool Member

    May 22, 2011
    I also called and attempted to get free MLB extra Innings ... Ended with a 159.00 discount, 10.00 off 6 months, free Starz/Showtime and a 200.00 Visa Gift card ..they didn't want to give it to me for free , they gave me more discounts than free but absolutely wouldn't give it for free .. A one year extension of my contract was needed as well

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