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Gamers Pushing HD?

Discussion in 'Gaming Fun - The Other Reality' started by Nick, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Nick

    Nick Retired, part-time PITA DBSTalk Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    "...users are turning more and more to their game
    consoles as do-it-all home entertainment centers."

    Retail BRIDGE:
    http://www.mbc-thebridge.com - used with permission
  2. Earl Bonovich

    Earl Bonovich Lifetime Achiever

    Nov 15, 2005
    I don't think it is so much "gamers"...

    But the price factor.

    I personally already owned an XBOX360...
    So spending the $199 (which was actually $150 after 25% at bestbuy)

    Was a LOT easier of a choice to go with the HD-DVD... then the $1000 (at the time) for a stand-alone Blu-Ray, or even $600+ for a PS3.

    And again.. the argument doesn't really hold water, for the downloading of HD content.... just because the XBOX360 has the option to download is the "determining factor there"... right now there is no other way, unless you purchase more equipment.

    So I don't think it has to do with the "gamers" out there... from a gaming sense... but the fact that a LOT of families spent a lot of money on these two units (XBOX360 and PS3), and there is more ways to get their money out of it.

    IMHO... if it wasn't for the "inexpensive" cost for the PS3 for a Blu-Ray player... The arguments for BluRay "in the lead" would not be there.

    As much as I like HD-DVD and HD content via the media formats.
    I still have a VERY hard drive spending $25-$35 for the HD version of a movie, especially when the "SD" version is sub $20, sometimes <$15 or even <$10

    And with upscaling in these players, the picture is good enough for classic library titles.
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